Delicious Noodles and my Ninjaness

So I’ve been home sick for two days now. Amber, Avery, Jo, or any of my other friends haven’t said a word to me. I don’t think they realized I’ve been sick because I’m always quiet.


I’m really hoping that I won’t have to go back to school again tomorrow, because I don’t feel good right now. My mom’ll probably make me go anyways, even if I feel ready to hurl.

Mom: “But you’re not throwing up right now, are you?!”
Cleo: “No, but I know I’m about to!”
Mom: “When you really do throw up let me know.”

This is how it’s been since second grade. I really wish she’d understand it’s not a huge deal to miss one more day of school if I feel like I’m gonna barf.

I’ve been drinking Gatorade off and on all day, alternating between “relaxing” on the bathroom floor next to the barf bowl toilet. Another thing! I’ve been wanting some ramen noodles all week. But none have magically appeared! What kind of mutiny is that?! So, tonight when my mom offered to make me noodles with butter since it’d be bad for my stomach to eat chicken, I immediately agreed. I was hoping it was the long stringy kind. Unfortunately it was macaroni noodles.

But oh well, food is food and they were delicious!

Thanks mom!



By Fabio

Buttons and Twizzlers

I love to push buttons. I mean, it’s just so satisfying to feel that wonderful *thump* after you do! Like sometimes, I’ll just sit there at my laptop pushing the spacebar even after the page is already at the bottom. It’s just like how when me and Randy were kids and argued over who go to push the elevator button, whether we were at the mall, a hotel, in a fancy restaurant, or even just pushing the button for strangers. We went nuts over those things. Even when we got mad, we compromised that whoever got to push the outside button was banned from pushing the floor level. So it was almost fair. Almost. Each of us wanted to push both. (Didja like my finger animation? 😉 I drew it in MS Paint myself!) But that’s not what’s important right now! 🙂 Right now what’s important is catching up on my homework. Which I’m not doing. Because I’m choosing to draw big red buttons that say do not push. Ugh. Oh well. My stomach ache shall not stop me from pursuing the completion of homework! Besides, my science can’t be that hard since it involves the all delicious Twizzlers!

Wait, what if we combined the two?! A BUTTON THAT MAGICALLY MAKES TWIZZLERS APPEAR!!

By Fabio

Dolls (Part 1)

So little demon Benjamin decided it was time for him to sink his claws into my mom’s old makeup brush. It’s one of those big fluffy kinds that poofs out really big at the bottom.

You see? The pinkish looking end is what tempts him. (It’s that color because my mom used it many times before letting Mr. Demon play with it.)

You know, now that I think about, that’s something I would have loved to put in my mouth as a baby. There were many things I enjoyed playing with then that now seem stupid or like they’re for wimps. I used to have cardboard houses I cut and painted myself for my barbies! And there were two barbie families: One had the brown haired father and mother, and the other was Ken and Barbie. The brown haired parents were Teresa and Dustin, and they had the happiest, healthiest, and most adorable family there ever was. I think in the last few months I played with them, Teresa had triplets. The two main children for them were Maya and Audrey. I was really obsessed with the name Maya at the time.

Maya was the good, all natural, northern kind of girl, while Audrey was the evil, devious child who enjoyed pranking but still had a big heart. I can’t remember what the triplets were called, so we’ll just call them the Triplets (there were two girls and one boy).

The blonde haired family was an entirely different story. Barbie was the slutty, cocktail drinking mom who raised her only fire-red haired daughter Holly on those principles. Ken, on the other hand, was a nurturing father who spoiled Holly and was mainly the idiot of the bunch. See, I made Teresa and Barbie sisters. So technically they were all related. Maya and Audrey and the Triplets were all Holly’s cousins. When I got Teresa “pregnant” with the Triplets, I also made Barbie “pregnant” with a baby girl. The only difference was, I made Barbie sit in the plastic cup of water/hottub for days because she refused to give birth because of all the pregnant lady discounts.

Eventually, Barbie gave birth to the daughter but drowned her in the hottub. The baby was BLONDE too! She could have been the dumb, cocktail daughter! I was a very violent person when it came to my barbies. Barbie and Teresa had to go to the “hospital” several times to get shots (thumb tacks) stuck in their legs so they wouldn’t have to be amputated.

Maya and Audrey often had to be dropped off the top edge of the staircase because they were pushed by their evil cousin Holly. Oh, and by the way, Holly never forgave her mother for drowning her only chance of blaming someone for all her crimes. Ken on the other hand decided to relieve her of guilt and said they could just get “pregnant” a second time! Shortly afterwards, Ken broke his legs during his stuntman job so he is now and forever unable to have kids. Barbie swears it was an accident.

Like anyone believes her!



By Fabio

Ahhh, sweet ideas

Good evening folks!! I have had an idea for my best story I’ve written brewing in my head aaaaaaaall day. Now is my only chance to write. But nooo! My outoto (japanese for little brother) is awake and wants to watch Naruto. Oh well. I’ll get to it in the morning.



By Fabio

I totally went all Girly

So, my family watched Bolt today while we were eating dinner (it has become a habit to eat in the living room with the tv on. I don’t think we could stand each other if we had to sit at a table for 1 whole hour while eating my mom’s….um…delicious cooking.). Hi Mom! Haha, just wanted to let you know that I’m aware you’re reading this. Ha. Ha. At the end of the movie, when the dog saves Penny/Jenny/Wendy/…um, Debbie from the fire and they all live happily ever after as a normal family, I cried. Like biiiiig sobs. It was just so sweet and lovable! I think it might be because I get really attached to my own pets that I got all emotional.

The only downside to the movie was that Penny/Jenny/Wendy/…um, Debbie was voice by Miley Cyrus. I have nothing personal against her (it’s not like she threw a water bottle at my head…heh, like that AWESOME person did to Justine Bieber. Did I just type Justine? A girl’s name? Oops [sarcasm].), but I do hate her acting, singing, and…what else does this weirdo do? I dunno.

But this:

Plays this:

Do you see ANY resemblance? Anyways, Finding Nemo is on right now, so I’ll blog soon.


One last note: The Sims 3 Blog, The Tangerines, will be on hold for a bit because I have a HUGE history test to study for and other homework included.

My homework looks like this:

By Fabio

I also posted this morning!

As the title says (and is correct) I did post this morning! So far my View Tracker says no one has been here for at least 3-4 days. 😥 I don’t blame you. I’m not all that interesting. I was just hoping that the two people that subscribed (I’m pretty sure it was DD and Bookaddict) would check their emails and see this new sensation called Posting! But oh well.

Can’t dwindle on the past, now can we?

Actually, I’m opting to post right now instead of studying my vocabulary for AP English. Oops. But it’s not like I won’t have plenty of opportunities to study tomorrow, right?!

It’s not like my science partner (Asian Nathan) is speaking to me or anything, so there’s no way I’ll get distracted in THAT boring class.

We’ve had a substitute in there since the second week of school and our real teacher, Mrs. P., gave birth to her daughter. The sub is named Ms. M. (I’m only using initials for my teachers, you know, just in case they find this somehow and get all flustered.)

She has the most NASAL, ANNOYING, HIGH PITCHED, AND EXTREMELY MOSQUITO LIKE voice that has ever existed. And it’s even worse because usually the kids in my class are talking so loud that you can barely comprehend your own thoughts.

…much less that stinkin’ voice in Ms. M. WHY CAN SHE NOT JUST SHUT UP?!

It makes me SO angry!

Somehow it doesn’t bother the other kids in Science block 4.




By Fabio

My Sincerest Apologies

My sincerest apologies: I did not post a Story Saturday! Mainly because, it was, in fact, a stupid idea. I think I’ll try writing a new short story every Saturday once my old writing habits have come back. If there isn’t a Story Saturday, I’ll make up for it by doing a Poem Sunday. I’m actually better at writing poems then I am at stories, maybe because they’re easier to write? Anyways, let’s just go back to blogging normally for a little bit.

I cannot turn the automatic comment feature on! Urgh! I just want anyone to be able to comment without me having to approve them all the dang time, but that doesn’t seem to be happening.

In other news (if any of this really is news)…Aw, who am I kidding, I’m still peeved about the comment thing. Could someone PLEASE tell me how to make the comments be approved automatically? I can’t remember how I did it on the Tangerines’ blog.

With a somewhat better note, it is 6:43 am in Texas right now as I’m typing this. Now it’s 6:44. That’s really all I have to do in the morning; it’s kind of boring just sitting and watching a clock.

Ummm…my friend Trystan is helping me create a fursona! That’s somewhat exciting!


[Noun] An animal version of yourself.

It’s really exciting to me, actually! Something as simple as drawing myself in Panther form (Trystan gave me her own Fursona Quiz to help me decide what animal I should be) is making me thrilled! If I get farther than the face and stuff, I’ll definitely post pictures. Heck, we’re close enough now! I might even show you my EXTREMELY CRUDDY/TURDY/POOPY/UNLOVABLE rough drafts!

Maybe, maybe not. It really depends on how good I feel about that particular version or something.

Til next time!



By Fabio


What’s something to do when you’re bored at home with your buddy? Amber and I have nothing to do.

See, nothing!!

By Fabio

Stinkin’ Euphoniums

Euphoniums. They’re extremely loud, annoying, and pretty big for a 4 foot tall boy named Randy. Some days, I really wish my brother wasn’t in band. Like today, for example. Whenever I try and do my science homework, he always seems to be right there playing the darn thing as loud as possible. IT IS NOT A PLEASANT EXPERIENCE. My sweet little Lilly doesn’t appreciate it either. I really wish I could cover her ears sometimes without my poor girl biting me because she doesn’t know I’m helping her.

Much like this:

Yesh, this is what I want to do.

By Fabio

My Mom’s Bunco

You know what happens when your mom is having a meeting for her Bunco lady club thingy and you’re stuck in a room with an incredibly hyper friendly dog? BARKING. THAT’S WHAT HAPPENS. LOTS AND LOTS OF BARKING. But your mom won’t think it’s a big deal, oh no. SHE’S not the one who has to sit through 3 hours of this:

Barking in your face. It is NOT A FUN EXPERIENCE. And then, when your little brother Randy comes home from boyscouts with your Dad and insists on doing his homework in the same room as you, YOUTUBE IS NOT AN OPTION. So what can you do? Blog. And blog is all.


By Fabio

Story Saturday (1)

So I figured every Saturday, I would write a new chapter in some kind of short story. No, it will not be a Sims one. Comments are appreciated, so if you want something to happen to a future character, there would be a good place to ask.

Now let’s get started!!

(quick note: I’m not a really good writer…mostly because I’m probably younger than most of these bloggers I know.)

Saturday no. 1:

~Chapter 1~

With the breeze ruffling the delicately curled ends of her hair, Annick rode farther and farther atop her stallion. She would be reaching the Edge soon, and then her father would be impressed. He was always telling her, “Dear, you have done a job worthy of praise, but I ask of you nothing more than to be like your sister Avian.”

Annick was always proud, always stubborn, and never someone to let work slip away because she longed to be somewhere else with something other. Well, today she would show her father that she too could be an excellent rider. The challenge was to beat Avian with distance, and she wasn’t sure she had the picked the perfect steed for the job this early morning.

Her sister was busy in the market, selling assorted vegetables, fruits, and meat she had gotten from the family’s farm. Annick was not too long away from Oretheia, (orr-ee-thy-uh) and once Crethen told her what she had accomplished, she too could sell her work.

When the intertwined roots of 2 Sacred Woods appeared across the grass became visible, Annick knew she would have to jump from the mare, Clovis, and charge the rest of the way herself. Crethen’s bright red scarf flickered with the wind, and Annick was confident she would make it without stopping. Clovis grunted and slowed, aware that this was the spot he was always given countenance to stop at and drink from the wooden bucket they left him, filled with the sweet clear liquid that he enjoyed so much but never gave a name.  Annick rose in her saddle, and with a swift leap was thrown towards the stiff and pointed tops of yellowing, dead grass. As her boots pounded away and her energy was being sapped, a sudden doubt made her much less sure of herself. What if she didn’t beat her younger sister, her perfect sibling, the golden child?

It pained Annick to think of these things, but if she didn’t she’d never get the steam needed to win. All of the elders in Oretheia had warned her that jealousy was much like a wild animal; uncontrollable and full of anger. Now she was in a full storm, and her feet stamped every spiked piece of the yellow ground, leaving brown prints behind her. Crethen became more and more visible. His thick brown, wool pants were the first. Then his bright red mittens he bought especially since they matched his scarf. Next his scrambled head of shaggy cream colored hair. His pointed ears. Crethen’s slanted grey cat-like eyes.While the pale pink and honey colored sky began to grow awake,  Annick lost hope. Her challenge would be a failure. That, along with the fact that she had bet Avian twenty of her golden coins that she could break her record made Annick’s shoulders droop and her spirit and enthusiasm fade like the darkness of the night as the sun rose to took her place.

Watcha think?!

By Fabio

To Feel Like You’ve Been Pushed Around

The title is actually from the lyrics of Simple Plan’s song, Welcome to My Life. It’s only one of the best songs evar, duh! I haven’t really been pushed around. Kinda.

Well, all my friends on the bus today were going to go to Jo’s house when they got to her stop, including Amber and Avery, and this guy on the bus who’s one of our friends (he’s really funny, kinda short, asian-y, and a bit of a perverted doofus) named Josh (just like Casey’s brother).

Everyone was invited. Minus ME. It made me feel…sad. And left out. I didn’t feel too great. And just to top it off, even if Jo had asked me to come too, I would have had to say no because of my stupid homework (which I should be doing right now but I need a moment to vent).

So I played Simple Plan I’m just a kid over and over again with my ipod. It made me a feel a tiny bit better, but not really. Also, on a side note, why are all of Simple Plan’s newer songs involving romance?! I liked the ones from 2003/4 a lot better.

Darn you, Modern Day Music!

By Fabio

Um…so this is a new post. I guess. Whatever you want to call it.

HAI. I’ve decided that’s how I’m going to greet you guys every time. Just like that. So….


Let’s jump right into this thang.

Today, I was watching Meekakitty on youtube with my camera just…there…because I was really bored. I took a snapshot with my camera instead of using the PRTSC SYSRQ button. Just cuz it seemed more fun.

This is one of the shots I got. The others were really blurry and not very good, so I decided to just show you this one.

Do you see it?

“But Cleo, what do you mean by ‘it’?!”


Only, like, duh!

Anywho…I couldn’t figure out what to blog about next. So I took pictures of my pets. Why? Again, cuz it was fun and I like taking pictures.

Um…can I get a little more zoom please?

Well that’s…a bit better. Maybe a little more please?


Meet my little devil, Benjamin! He always does this. Sleeping with one eye open, I mean. I think he’s a crazy paranoid little bugger. He’s like, two years old, and constantly tormenting my sweet little Lilly.

Not that she doesn’t fight back, but he’s quite stronger than my fat little teapot. The vet says he has some African jungle cat in him. I TOTALLY GET THAT.

That’s my puppy dog! He’s a collie, and his name is HAPPY! Cuz he’s always so happy. Umm…a little zoom would be nice here too.

That’s great. But uh…you’re kind of close. But don’t get ANY closer, do you hear me?!


I talk to myself a lot. Have you noticed? There are at least a dozen Mini-Cleos in my head, operating everything.

I imagine that there are four Cleos on treadmills- One for English, One for Math, One for History, and One for Science. They’re all trying to get workouts and be in great shape. That’s how well I am in that subject.

Math Cleo is REALLY fat.

English Cleo is in extremely great shape!

History Cleo is a little sluggish.

Science Cleo is running while eating a chocolate sprinkle donut.

As you can tell, English Cleo does the best.

“No, wait, Math Cleo! We still have 10 more questions to do! You can’t take a break now! URGH! Put down that cake!”

That is what happens when I do math homework. As you can tell, that is also where my dislike of Cheyenne Tangerine eating so much birthday sim cake comes from.

Let’s just look at some more pictures.

That is my baby, my sweetie, Lilly the Teapot!

I call her a teapot because her head is small, like the spout, her belly is HUGE, like the actual pot part of a teapot, and her tail is skinny like the handle.

Who’s a little teapot, short and stout?!

I wanted to show you guys my BESTEST FRIEND EVER.

Meet my super outdated blue ipod.


(That is my red folder underneath it by the way. I thought it’d be nice to have a background.)

Lilly really loves my headphones…she REALLY does…

That’s her wittle paw on my headphones’ cord.


Bad kitteh! BAD GIRL!!!

Lemme show you a few things that are extremely AWESOME:


That Kangaroo mama up there is actually a backpack. I don’t use it much because it doesn’t really have a lot of storage space, but it’s still adorabubble. Amber gave it to me for my birthday a few years ago, so it’s not like I’m getting rid of it any time soon.

Also, just because I’m a weirdo LUNATIC, I wanted to show you the best sandwich I have ever eaten:


That is THE place to get sandwiches.

Let’s just end it here. Because I’m gonna go eat that sandwich.


By Fabio


Hi everybody who’ll hopefully read this! As you probably know, my name is Cleo, and this is my personal blog. First off, there’re a few things you should know: Posts will be totally random depending on my schedule and how often my Tangerines blog is updated, I’m in the 8th grade, have 1 brother named Randy (his real name is Randolph, but he thinks it’s a girly name…somehow), one Mom, and one Dad (along with my two cats and dog), my room is yellow (random), and YES that is my cat Lilly sitting on the toilet (with the seat down of course!).

So…uh….let’s begin!

Today is the 2nd of September. This means I have been in school for 2 weeks. The sad thing is, only one of my friends is in an actual class with me (that’d be Molly in Theater Arts). Let me describe Molly for you: She has brown hair, she’s extremely tall, rough, tan, wears the same gray checked jacket every day, and again, ROUGH. She’s kind of your average tomboy.

There’s actually more of my friends with the same lunch block than real classes. I think I’ll list them all for you. Just cuz it’s fun.


About my height (which is around 4 foot something, yes I’m TINY but she’s taller), wears green and brown glasses, dirty blonde hair, extremely funny, cute, good artist, a bit on the chubby side but not really, a tough nerd, and my bestest friend in the whole wide world who has no idea I even make these blogs…because I’m weird.

Joanne (but we call her Jo, and she’ll be called that in all posts):

Taller than me and Amber, skinny, light brown hair, good singer, music addict, goes heavy on the eyeliner, funny, nice, tough again, loves converse sneakers, and is (obviously) in choir. She was Amber’s friend before mine, and I kinda met her through Amber.


TALL, wears black sparkle covered glasses but sometimes contacts, a slightly chipped front tooth, wears the kind of jacket that has the little string thingys as headphones, likes music too, has light light LIGHT brown hair, and calls me a Lepredwarf (cross between a leprechaun and a dwarf cuz I’m the smallest 8th grader ever…but not like three or two feet short. I’m about 4′ 5”.)


African american, black hair (another obvious thing), likes aeropostale and that other one…was it called Baby Phat?, a little (or maybe a lot) bit taller than me and Amber, rides my bus (so does everyone else I’ve already mentioned, minus Molly), and is in my Gym class (the only other 8th grader because it’s mixed with 7th graders, and it’s required for them).


One of my bestest buddies in the whole world (along with Amber), loves anime and manga, watches Naruto/Shippuden with me, is one year older but in the same grade, hates her middle name (it’s Nicole…it’s girly so she hates it 😉 I use it against her), loves video games too, has a little brother named Josh in a lot of my mixed grades electives, has short black hair even shorter than her brother’s, wears blue glasses, used to have braces and got them taken off a week before I got mine on (GRRR), wears her favorite blue and black tiger striped jacket to school over the girly shirts her mom makes her wear every day, wears a Naruto Sand Village Headband to school every day (for Gaara, because she loves him, and you won’t understand what the heck I’m talking about if you don’t watch Naruto), and is AWESOME.

That’s a lot of parenthesis isn’t it?

Well, let’s just skip to the interesting part of this whole thing. I’m going to be fixing up the blog soon, and you know, all that junk.

I’ll be putting some pictures up here as often as I can so you guys don’t get bored and stuff and-oh no! What’s that?…is it… oh god it is!

That’d be Gaara. This is the Naruto character Casey’s IN LOVE WITH.

Anyways, goodbye! Gonna go work out the kinks in this blog and see you next time!



What’s that you ask?! Oh, it’s only a Naruto comic. You’ll understand when you watch it. BECAUSE YOU WILL WATCH IT RIGHT?!

By Fabio