Hi everybody who’ll hopefully read this! As you probably know, my name is Cleo, and this is my personal blog. First off, there’re a few things you should know: Posts will be totally random depending on my schedule and how often my Tangerines blog is updated, I’m in the 8th grade, have 1 brother named Randy (his real name is Randolph, but he thinks it’s a girly name…somehow), one Mom, and one Dad (along with my two cats and dog), my room is yellow (random), and YES that is my cat Lilly sitting on the toilet (with the seat down of course!).

So…uh….let’s begin!

Today is the 2nd of September. This means I have been in school for 2 weeks. The sad thing is, only one of my friends is in an actual class with me (that’d be Molly in Theater Arts). Let me describe Molly for you: She has brown hair, she’s extremely tall, rough, tan, wears the same gray checked jacket every day, and again, ROUGH. She’s kind of your average tomboy.

There’s actually more of my friends with the same lunch block than real classes. I think I’ll list them all for you. Just cuz it’s fun.


About my height (which is around 4 foot something, yes I’m TINY but she’s taller), wears green and brown glasses, dirty blonde hair, extremely funny, cute, good artist, a bit on the chubby side but not really, a tough nerd, and my bestest friend in the whole wide world who has no idea I even make these blogs…because I’m weird.

Joanne (but we call her Jo, and she’ll be called that in all posts):

Taller than me and Amber, skinny, light brown hair, good singer, music addict, goes heavy on the eyeliner, funny, nice, tough again, loves converse sneakers, and is (obviously) in choir. She was Amber’s friend before mine, and I kinda met her through Amber.


TALL, wears black sparkle covered glasses but sometimes contacts, a slightly chipped front tooth, wears the kind of jacket that has the little string thingys as headphones, likes music too, has light light LIGHT brown hair, and calls me a Lepredwarf (cross between a leprechaun and a dwarf cuz I’m the smallest 8th grader ever…but not like three or two feet short. I’m about 4′ 5”.)


African american, black hair (another obvious thing), likes aeropostale and that other one…was it called Baby Phat?, a little (or maybe a lot) bit taller than me and Amber, rides my bus (so does everyone else I’ve already mentioned, minus Molly), and is in my Gym class (the only other 8th grader because it’s mixed with 7th graders, and it’s required for them).


One of my bestest buddies in the whole world (along with Amber), loves anime and manga, watches Naruto/Shippuden with me, is one year older but in the same grade, hates her middle name (it’s Nicole…it’s girly so she hates it 😉 I use it against her), loves video games too, has a little brother named Josh in a lot of my mixed grades electives, has short black hair even shorter than her brother’s, wears blue glasses, used to have braces and got them taken off a week before I got mine on (GRRR), wears her favorite blue and black tiger striped jacket to school over the girly shirts her mom makes her wear every day, wears a Naruto Sand Village Headband to school every day (for Gaara, because she loves him, and you won’t understand what the heck I’m talking about if you don’t watch Naruto), and is AWESOME.

That’s a lot of parenthesis isn’t it?

Well, let’s just skip to the interesting part of this whole thing. I’m going to be fixing up the blog soon, and you know, all that junk.

I’ll be putting some pictures up here as often as I can so you guys don’t get bored and stuff and-oh no! What’s that?…is it… oh god it is!

That’d be Gaara. This is the Naruto character Casey’s IN LOVE WITH.

Anyways, goodbye! Gonna go work out the kinks in this blog and see you next time!



What’s that you ask?! Oh, it’s only a Naruto comic. You’ll understand when you watch it. BECAUSE YOU WILL WATCH IT RIGHT?!

By Fabio

9 comments on “Welcome!!

  1. Well, this looks fun! =)
    I suppose I will watch it now… Actually, I’ve been meaning to for a while, but I’ve been confused about what’s what. Is it, like, a series of series, like Warriors? I mean, does it go, Naruto, then Naruto: Shippuden…? What I mean is, what is (the first?) Naruto called, and is it a TV show or, like, books?

  2. Not sure if I should comment from my Jimgacy account or my regular personal blog account… whatever, I’m logged in here atm, so here we go. =P

    Just one thing, Cleo…


  3. OH MY GOSH I LOVE YOU AND YOUR FRIENDS. You’ve officially covered everything i’ve ever loved. ❤ anime ❤ manga ❤ And i'll watch naruto after i watch every other anime that all my friends have been bugging me to watch… Totally looking forward to more posts!

  4. Thanks all you guys for reading! Sorry your comments didn’t appear, I just now noticed that I had to approve them. *Blogging fail and headdesk* Anyways, yes Aimee, my fav band IS in fact Simple Plan. Bookaddict: Anime is japanese cartoons and manga is japanese comics, and Naruto comes first. You can watch all naruto episodes free at narutoget.com without downloading them. Thanks to all u dudes! And yes, Singer14, gaara is a bit creepy.

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