To Feel Like You’ve Been Pushed Around

The title is actually from the lyrics of Simple Plan’s song, Welcome to My Life. It’s only one of the best songs evar, duh! I haven’t really been pushed around. Kinda.

Well, all my friends on the bus today were going to go to Jo’s house when they got to her stop, including Amber and Avery, and this guy on the bus who’s one of our friends (he’s really funny, kinda short, asian-y, and a bit of a perverted doofus) named Josh (just like Casey’s brother).

Everyone was invited. Minus ME. It made me feel…sad. And left out. I didn’t feel too great. And just to top it off, even if Jo had asked me to come too, I would have had to say no because of my stupid homework (which I should be doing right now but I need a moment to vent).

So I played Simple Plan I’m just a kid over and over again with my ipod. It made me a feel a tiny bit better, but not really. Also, on a side note, why are all of Simple Plan’s newer songs involving romance?! I liked the ones from 2003/4 a lot better.

Darn you, Modern Day Music!

By Fabio

3 comments on “To Feel Like You’ve Been Pushed Around

  1. Welcome to my life… LOL. No literally, I always feel left out and sad like that. You just gotta either put up with it or tell them how you feel.

    Don’t you like their new album? I can’t stop listening to it!

  2. Aww, I’m sorry you weren’t invited! Maybe she knew you would have to say no, so that’s why she didn’t invite you? I’m sure she didn’t really mean to make you feel left out, but I’m sorry it came out that way.

    Anyway, love your blog 🙂 *subscribe*

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