My Sincerest Apologies

My sincerest apologies: I did not post a Story Saturday! Mainly because, it was, in fact, a stupid idea. I think I’ll try writing a new short story every Saturday once my old writing habits have come back. If there isn’t a Story Saturday, I’ll make up for it by doing a Poem Sunday. I’m actually better at writing poems then I am at stories, maybe because they’re easier to write? Anyways, let’s just go back to blogging normally for a little bit.

I cannot turn the automatic comment feature on! Urgh! I just want anyone to be able to comment without me having to approve them all the dang time, but that doesn’t seem to be happening.

In other news (if any of this really is news)…Aw, who am I kidding, I’m still peeved about the comment thing. Could someone PLEASE tell me how to make the comments be approved automatically? I can’t remember how I did it on the Tangerines’ blog.

With a somewhat better note, it is 6:43 am in Texas right now as I’m typing this. Now it’s 6:44. That’s really all I have to do in the morning; it’s kind of boring just sitting and watching a clock.

Ummm…my friend Trystan is helping me create a fursona! That’s somewhat exciting!


[Noun] An animal version of yourself.

It’s really exciting to me, actually! Something as simple as drawing myself in Panther form (Trystan gave me her own Fursona Quiz to help me decide what animal I should be) is making me thrilled! If I get farther than the face and stuff, I’ll definitely post pictures. Heck, we’re close enough now! I might even show you my EXTREMELY CRUDDY/TURDY/POOPY/UNLOVABLE rough drafts!

Maybe, maybe not. It really depends on how good I feel about that particular version or something.

Til next time!



By Fabio

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