I also posted this morning!

As the title says (and is correct) I did post this morning! So far my View Tracker says no one has been here for at least 3-4 days. 😥 I don’t blame you. I’m not all that interesting. I was just hoping that the two people that subscribed (I’m pretty sure it was DD and Bookaddict) would check their emails and see this new sensation called Posting! But oh well.

Can’t dwindle on the past, now can we?

Actually, I’m opting to post right now instead of studying my vocabulary for AP English. Oops. But it’s not like I won’t have plenty of opportunities to study tomorrow, right?!

It’s not like my science partner (Asian Nathan) is speaking to me or anything, so there’s no way I’ll get distracted in THAT boring class.

We’ve had a substitute in there since the second week of school and our real teacher, Mrs. P., gave birth to her daughter. The sub is named Ms. M. (I’m only using initials for my teachers, you know, just in case they find this somehow and get all flustered.)

She has the most NASAL, ANNOYING, HIGH PITCHED, AND EXTREMELY MOSQUITO LIKE voice that has ever existed. And it’s even worse because usually the kids in my class are talking so loud that you can barely comprehend your own thoughts.

…much less that stinkin’ voice in Ms. M. WHY CAN SHE NOT JUST SHUT UP?!

It makes me SO angry!

Somehow it doesn’t bother the other kids in Science block 4.




By Fabio

4 comments on “I also posted this morning!

  1. Ohhh…. I’m trying to remember how I did it… one moment, let me visit wordpress….

    Okay, you go to the sidebar, and under “Settings”, click on “Discussion”. On the side of that page, look for “before a comment appears” and uncheck both of the thingies there.

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