I totally went all Girly

So, my family watched Bolt today while we were eating dinner (it has become a habit to eat in the living room with the tv on. I don’t think we could stand each other if we had to sit at a table for 1 whole hour while eating my mom’s….um…delicious cooking.). Hi Mom! Haha, just wanted to let you know that I’m aware you’re reading this. Ha. Ha. At the end of the movie, when the dog saves Penny/Jenny/Wendy/…um, Debbie from the fire and they all live happily ever after as a normal family, I cried. Like biiiiig sobs. It was just so sweet and lovable! I think it might be because I get really attached to my own pets that I got all emotional.

The only downside to the movie was that Penny/Jenny/Wendy/…um, Debbie was voice by Miley Cyrus. I have nothing personal against her (it’s not like she threw a water bottle at my head…heh, like that AWESOME person did to Justine Bieber. Did I just type Justine? A girl’s name? Oops [sarcasm].), but I do hate her acting, singing, and…what else does this weirdo do? I dunno.

But this:

Plays this:

Do you see ANY resemblance? Anyways, Finding Nemo is on right now, so I’ll blog soon.


One last note: The Sims 3 Blog, The Tangerines, will be on hold for a bit because I have a HUGE history test to study for and other homework included.

My homework looks like this:

By Fabio

11 comments on “I totally went all Girly

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    • Like Miscellanious. I mean, she is good, but you’d think her voice could literally cause world peace, solve world hunger, and abolish math all at once the way she treats it.

  2. DD! You never told me you had a blooooog just for you!! I only now I saw it because of the ping back! I’m going to go read every single post. I SHALL INVADE.

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