Ahhh, sweet ideas

Good evening folks!! I have had an idea for my best story I’ve written brewing in my head aaaaaaaall day. Now is my only chance to write. But nooo! My outoto (japanese for little brother) is awake and wants to watch Naruto. Oh well. I’ll get to it in the morning.



By Fabio

5 comments on “Ahhh, sweet ideas

  1. Well, it’s about a girl named Azeela. She lives in the village Fuyu, and there are three others: the Natsu, Aki, and Haru. Each village is kind of color coded: the Fuyu village people all have white hair and blue eyes, the Natsu have red hair and hazel eyes, the Aki have brown hair and brown eyes, and the Haru have blonde hair and green eyes. Azeela is the only one who’s ever been born different: her hair is black. Like PITCH BLACK, as dark as a cave. It’s basically her story and would take too long for me to go into detail about. But yeah, I got a new idea for that. :3

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