Buttons and Twizzlers

I love to push buttons. I mean, it’s just so satisfying to feel that wonderful *thump* after you do! Like sometimes, I’ll just sit there at my laptop pushing the spacebar even after the page is already at the bottom. It’s just like how when me and Randy were kids and argued over who go to push the elevator button, whether we were at the mall, a hotel, in a fancy restaurant, or even just pushing the button for strangers. We went nuts over those things. Even when we got mad, we compromised that whoever got to push the outside button was banned from pushing the floor level. So it was almost fair. Almost. Each of us wanted to push both. (Didja like my finger animation? πŸ˜‰ I drew it in MS Paint myself!) But that’s not what’s important right now! πŸ™‚ Right now what’s important is catching up on my homework. Which I’m not doing. Because I’m choosing to draw big red buttons that say do not push. Ugh. Oh well. My stomach ache shall not stop me from pursuing the completion of homework! Besides, my science can’t be that hard since it involves the all delicious Twizzlers!

Wait, what if we combined the two?! A BUTTON THAT MAGICALLY MAKES TWIZZLERS APPEAR!!

By Fabio

8 comments on “Buttons and Twizzlers

  1. Well, Doodledog beat me to the punch (thanks a lot; you *know* Red Vines are my thing) but Red Vines>Twizzlers. Twizzlers suck royal hippogriff. Red Vines are the Jesus Christ of non-chocolate candies. That is all.
    And I liked your finger animation.

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