Delicious Noodles and my Ninjaness

So I’ve been home sick for two days now. Amber, Avery, Jo, or any of my other friends haven’t said a word to me. I don’t think they realized I’ve been sick because I’m always quiet.


I’m really hoping that I won’t have to go back to school again tomorrow, because I don’t feel good right now. My mom’ll probably make me go anyways, even if I feel ready to hurl.

Mom: “But you’re not throwing up right now, are you?!”
Cleo: “No, but I know I’m about to!”
Mom: “When you really do throw up let me know.”

This is how it’s been since second grade. I really wish she’d understand it’s not a huge deal to miss one more day of school if I feel like I’m gonna barf.

I’ve been drinking Gatorade off and on all day, alternating between “relaxing” on the bathroom floor next to the barf bowl toilet. Another thing! I’ve been wanting some ramen noodles all week. But none have magically appeared! What kind of mutiny is that?! So, tonight when my mom offered to make me noodles with butter since it’d be bad for my stomach to eat chicken, I immediately agreed. I was hoping it was the long stringy kind. Unfortunately it was macaroni noodles.

But oh well, food is food and they were delicious!

Thanks mom!



By Fabio

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