Being sick and all, I had a lot of time to think and draft on my sims 3 blog. Of course, since my blog is on vacation I’m going to spend some of my left over time saving stuff for it. I know it doesn’t make much sense to still write my blog and not post anything, but with this break I can have whatever Deadline I want!

I really hate Deadlines. They drive me insane!! I mean, I want to be able to do my work whenever I want and not have to care about getting in trouble if it’s not finished. That’s kind of what that break is all about. I know not many simmers read this (they mostly hang out at the Tangerines’ place) but I felt like I owed you guys some kind of explanation.

Now onto more interesting stuff.

Wait, I haven’t DONE anything interesting!

I’ve been moping around the house as sick as….as…as…..The Sick Bug! I dunno any bugs that make you get sick. Ummm, mosquitoes? African Flies that are the size of grapefruits?

I’ve also had a lot of time to think and gather some random tidbits of information.

1) Why are doctors’ offices always so brightly colored? Is it to entertain the younger children who are dreading getting a flu shot? Is it to show them one last happy thing before entering a sterile white room full of needles, cold, prying, hands, and a freezing round thingy attached to the doctor’s headphones he insists on slamming against your chest and back?

2) How do companies afford commercials? If the commercial is to get people to buy their products so they’ll have enough money to keep the company open, how do they afford the advertisement? Do they put it on their tab?

3) Are rats and animals like that really incredibly gross? Or is it Disney movies like Ratatouille and Cinderella, with all her little mice friends, that make us think they’re not really that bad?

4) Why is pure cranberry so tart? I mean, aren’t all red things usually sweet or sour? No one ever told me they were tart! I mean, this is what I look like when I eat a strawberry:

Then this is what I look like after I’ve drunk some cranberry garbage:

I’m sorry. That face is just too disgusting. But anywho, let’s move on to something less…ICK.


























Phew. I had to get that face off my drafting screen.

5) Why did I keep that face thingy up there?!?! I should delete it.

6) But I won’t. I’m never going to delete it. NEVAAAAAR!

7) Flargenhoff. It’s my new word for when things happen in ways I don’t expect, don’t want, and frankly hate. FLARGENHOFFFFF!!!

8 ) That is all. Carry about your business students.

9) I totally just sounded like a Principal. YESH. XD

By Fabio

4 comments on “Flargenhoff

  1. Flargenhoff. The first episode of the second season of Lost. (How would I use that? Would it be, “I flargenhoff the first episode of the second season of Lost.” or would I say, “You know teh first episode of the second season of Lost? What a flargenhoff, amiright?) (Background: I got teh first season out of the library and loved it. Then it took like two months to get the second season, and the first episode was just… underwhelming. The DVD was sticking a lot, too, so that might be part of it.)

  2. I think it’s more like saying “Darn!” or “Crud!” Or cussing when you’re really frustrated. So it’d be like: “The first episode of the second season of Lost stunk. FLARGENHOFF!”

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