A Long Story Gone Awry

Language has been censored so this is appropriate for all audiences.

This is also going to be longer than normal! 😈

Ok, so being sick for a week is apparently BAD. You’ll be piled high with pounds of make-up work, reading, MATH, and…and… FLARGENHOFF! I forgot what I was going to say. Oh! Now I remember!

Let’s start the day from 4th period Science with Ms. M, the nasal voice lady I ranted about that one time. I had a pretty good time in that class for the most part; my friend Andi and I talk about anime, Asian-Nathan talks about me goofily as if I’m not there, and Ehren sits there quietly until he makes a comment on one of Asian-Nathan’s pervy jokes.


“It” is a girl. Named Asia. Asia the buttface.

We were in the same math class together last year with Casey (my buddy, I miss our gym/math time together SO MUCH!) and she always made snarky comments about how we dressed, what we talked about, how we talked about it, and why we would. She acted as if she controlled how WE acted.

Casey and I both hate her snarky little guts. Well, this year I have science with her. I despise her, she despises me, it’s how it works. So Asia-the-buttface came over and was casually talking to Andi and pretending I didn’t exist. Every time Andi said something funny about a lame question Asia had (she was just asking these things to make me annoyed, as if I value her conversations with me SOOO much) I laughed and we would start having our own talk. THAT was supposed to be the hint Asia was supposed to take to leave.


Asia doesn’t understand what the word “excluding” means. Eventually she went back to her own lab partner, who happened to be Rob, Casey’s boyfriend. (Just so you know, Rob dislikes Asia too, but not as much as Casey and I) We were working with speed, distance, time, and acceleration. Rob is really smart when it comes to science so I went over to him to get some help with the worksheet.

Rob and I were working on it together, and the whole time Asia was rudely shouting at me with her GIANT mouth (also, Asia is black [not being racist!] so she has the accent to prove it) , “CLEO! Cleeeeeo! What’s this lil girl’s last name? Eggers? CLEO EGGS! HEY CLEO EEGS! MOVE! GET YOU A@@ BACK TO YOUR OWN PARTNER! ANDI KNOWS, SHE A SMART GIRL! LEEEEAVE!”

(Just so you know, my name has nothing to with Eggs. It starts with an E, I just don’t want to say it on the internet. But those were the actual names she thought were mine.) Thanks to her, I missed the whole answer and explanation Rob was giving me on number 13, and only heard: “So it’s 10 minutes.” At least I understood what he said when we got to number 16, the other one I had a problem with. I HATE ONLY GETTING THE ANSWERS. I wanted to know why it was 10 minutes, but I wasn’t about to make him repeat it again when I already asked him at least five times. I didn’t want to make him annoyed, when by that time he was anyways because of Asia’s constant yammering.

After I left to turn my work in (and thanked Rob for his help) Asia was acting extremely proud of herself, like she had been the one to “scare me off”. I dunno what happened after that because my memory sucks, but the next thing I recall is Asia telling me I “should really shut the h@@@ up”. I told her, “Yes, I should.” and then went back to talking with Andi. Then Asia popped up again and said, “What didu say lil girl?!” (I meant to write “didu” because with her type of speech it sounded like it was one word) And I repeated what I said.

Then this whole argument thing went off, but I’m pretty sure she got the message to leave me alone. I didn’t cuss at her, so it’s not  like I was biting her head off or anything. I just made it so she wouldn’t want to talk anymore. PLEASE LET ME HAVE DONE THAT! Well, it all just sucked. She ruined my science class! That’s one of my favorites because there’s little work and plenty of time to chat with Andi, Asian-Nathan, and Ehren.

Now we have to skip ahead of lunch and into 5th period, gym.

My Sevie (Sevie: a seventh grader belonging to/being friends with an eighth grader; something an 8th grader prefers to call their seventh grade friend or seventh grade “property” in a friendly way) is named Katherine, but she hates her name. Katherine prefers to be called Takk because it’s less girly and shows her true personality. Takk likes: black clothing, screamo bands, punk bands, Gir (from “Invader ZIM”), anime, manga, Chibi Vampire, and others of the type.

Takk is extremely loud, emotional, and creative! All in good ways!! Today she learned that she has a 61% in English and was freaking out about how her mom was going to kill her, her step-dad was going to be extremely upset and how this wasn’t something he wanted to hear after being gone a week on business, and how she’d be grounded forever. We were talking (Takk was screaming) about it, and all the “Ghetto girls” were acting really PO’d.

(I say “Ghetto girls” because they’re not really from the Ghetto, they just have that kind of attitude)

When we came back from the locker room after we changed, Takk was singing Last Resort by Papa Roach almost as loud as she could and this one girl named Kari turned around and just said, “Excuse me, but SHUT UP B@@@@!”

That set both of us off and we argued and fought (verbally of course) with her for at least another 10 minutes until we had to do our warm ups.

That was a bad moment for me.

And worst was, yesterday was Crazy Sock day during our Spirit Week (today was Spirit Colors [green and white], and tomorrow is Hats and Shades Day) and the Yearbook kids came into gym and took Takk’s pic cuz she was wearing black and green striped leggings. Takk made this sign:

Which apparently does not mean “Rock on!” but “I worship the devil. GO SATIN!” is correct. This is exactly what Kari pointed out, and apparently she thinks that we’re both devil-worshipers or something because we stood up for it.


But yeah. Then, during 7th and 8th today, we had a Pep Rally.

Casey, Rob, and this one other guy I should really explain all sat together.

Guy I Should Really Explain:

His name…is Bart. He’s got this big melon head, glasses, brown hair, crooked teeth, and apparently is as interested in manga and anime as my friends and I are (yeah, right *sarcasm*). We were enemies last year, this year we were friends, briefly liked him, dated him for 1 1/2 days, and now hate him AGAIN. So that’s our whole history in a nutshell.

If you wanna know why I hate him again, that’s a whole different story and will be in one of my upcoming Cleo History Lessons. Yesh. XD I will take a vote and we’ll then know what should come first. But you really don’t have a choice and have to read the Lesson anyways. 😆

So Casey, Rob, me, Bart, and a crowd of our other friends that we don’t talk to as much but wish we could more all sat together in the uppermost rows of the bleachers on the track. We were having a good time, I was ignoring Bart, and Rob had his arm around Casey. Then someone started cracking pervy jokes and the whole thing just turned on Bart, he blamed it on me, I told our friend Ty, and it got kind of ugly in a hilarious friendly kind of way (excluding Bart and I from the friendly part). Amber, Molly, and Avery are all in the band so they were out there on the track playing as loud as the could and everyone pretty much ignored them.

I felt bad, so I cheered extra loud when they finished. After a while, it was time to go and so Casey-buddy and I said goodbye and then we met up at our lockers after dismissal with Rob (and sadly Bart) and walked out to the buses together.

And that was the end of my cruddy yet slightly great day.

Now, let’s take a look at the winners of the Candy Poll!

1st Place:


2nd Place:


3rd Place:


4th Place:


So long, and have a wonderful day! I’m sorry I didn’t have any interesting pictures, but you get the point of my…uh…daily rant! XD



By Fabio

6 comments on “A Long Story Gone Awry

  1. awwww sounds like the idiot dumb club exists in your school too 😦 Don’t worry, I’m a sophmore in high school and lemme tell ya, MIDDLE SCHOOL SUCKS MUFFINS. Yup, it’s true. Anyway then you get to highschool, and it sucks less (at least it doesn’t get worse, right?) until you hafta worry about college, and jobs, and bills, and all that stuff that makes me puke inwardly…okay that sounded gross….how about just puke? Ok, good, puke it is. Anyway moral of the story is: There will always be that annoying black chick you hate (mines call Marlissa, and she friggin laughs like a witch!….so she cackles technically) but you know, after highschool they go work at McDonalds, and you go to college….college 0_____0…….yeah ok, im done being rambly….sort of…ok I’m done!

    • The idiot dumb club exists in all the schools… Anyway, I’m just wanting to say that school sucks. It always will whether it’s middle school or high school. But when you get to college (I’m not in college, but i know people who are) then it gets better. School sucks, you party in college, then you get a job. What was my point again?

    • College…hmmm…I’m definitely going somewhere it snows. Texas gets like 2 inches if we’re lucky in FEBRUARY, and it doesn’t get cold until December, and then it gets warm in March and- and- IT’S SO FRUSTRATING!

  2. So…I think of both of your points were that it gets better after Middle School? I can’t agree yet, but I’m sure I will soon. Until then, I’m going to have to deal with Asia-the-buttface being a buttface. And ksaishivlrista, Middle School sucks muffins? But…but…muffins are delicious!!

  3. LOL, my best friend is named Asia!

    I AM SOOOO GLAD I AM DONE WITH MIDDLE SCHOOL. All the boys are idiots who think drawing certain parts of human anatomy on desks and textbooks is hilarious! and about half of the girls think it’s cool to act like a stupid whore(emphasis on “stupid”).

    Alright, my rant is over. Basically, don’t worry about dumb people and mean people and lame people, Cleo. Just keep countin’ down the days until high school. Trust me, after only two months of high school I can already say it’s 382382038234754 times better! 😀

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