So last night I watched Paranormal Activity. Not the 2nd one or the new 3rd one that just came out a couple weeks ago, the first one from 2007 (I think). I enjoy scary movies as long as they’re not peeyourpantsscary. Unfortunately, that is what I got and not at all what I expected when I watched Paranormal Activity.

I was holding onto my dad’s arm the whole time, and about 5 different times he had to make me stop because I was digging my nails into ‘im. Another fact: my nails are REALLY long and natural because I like them better that way. Short nails just freak me out, like it’s stopping Mother Nature’s plan or something.

Okay, so the movie is about this couple who live together named Micah and Katie. Ever since Katie was 8 years old, this demon has been following her (and yes, it’s evil) being active and then laying dormant for different spans of years. Now that’s Katie’s living in a new house with her boyfriend Micah, things have slowly been getting worse. Micah decides to set up a video camera so he can film every “paranormal activity”. All this weird stuff happens, like the door opens and closes, something moves their sheets and gets under the bed while their sleeping, it throws Katie’s keys in the middle of the kitchen floor, and eventually it gets more violent. In the last like 10 minutes of the movie, Katie’s been dragged down the hallway kicking and screaming with something like bite marks on her arms, legs, and stomach, she’s been possessed, their spiritologist comes back to the house after saying the demon is “harmless” and realizes that it’s an evil spirit and runs away like the scared little boy he really is, and in the end Katie is possessed yet again. We hear her screaming down in the kitchen and then Micah runs there too (and we can’t see anything because the camera we’re seeing through and Micah set up is in the bedroom at the top of the stairs) and he screams something close to, “KATIE!! OH SHI-” and then everything down there goes silent.

We hear thumping up the stairs and then all of sudden BOOM! Micah’s dead body is thrown at the camera. Then we see Katie crouching over him and moving roboticly (so we know she’s possessed) and she just kind of sniffs over his body. Then she gets close to the camera, smiles, and then has this demon face just before she attacks the camera.

I repeated a lot but I’m pretty freaked out right now. I think I’m gonna go watch “Friends” on nick or find a movie or something.


😯 😦

By Fabio

7 comments on “*shivershiver*

  1. Watch the 6th Sense. It will make you feel better because it has a nice ending but still is a scary movie. I find when I’m creeped out from a scary movie I don’t get calmed by watching Hoodwinked or something like that. I need to take slow steps down to that level in order to calm me down.

  2. Thanks for telling me, Cleo. I get superduper freaked out at super scary movies, too, so you can be sure I won’t be watching THAT one. If I ever watch a scary movie, it’s early in the morning and not right before bed because otherwise my mind likes to play tricks on me and keep me awake for hours. In the morning, I’m still tired, so I’m more like, “Wha… when did this scary alien monster get here? Why is there ketchup on it’s hands?”

    • …That was fast! I mean, I literally commented on Singer14’s comment seconds ago. And haha, ketchup? XD I think I’m going to try and convince my dad to watch the second one with me after lunch but before dinner and bed and homework junk. The thing with me is, even if I’m EXTREMELY freaked out the first time, I’m so darn freaking curious that if there’s a sequel, I have to watch IT too. I think sometimes I even rewatch the first one seconds after I almost pee my pants.

      Man aren’t I attractive to talk to? XD *sarcasm*

  3. Oh! Oh! Cleo! A weird, crazy, certifiably insane friend of Doodledog’s and I once said (several times):

    “True friendship is like peeing your pants. Everyone can see it, but only YOU can feel the warmth.”

  4. I just reread this post and I realized- OMG Freinds? Me know that show! I’m childhood friends with the much younger cousins of Giovanni Ribisi, the dad of the dude who had triplets! I was always hearing about him when I was little but didn’t watch Freinds until recently! And he was also in something called Skecaptain and the World if Tomorrow with Angelina Jolie and Jude Law! My friends even have his last name! I feel star struck! Either that or I’m going to vomit again (I’m sick.) Heh heh, TMI. 😉

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