Poem Sunday (1)

~Ok, so I’ve been letting you guys down. I haven’t done that dumb Story Saturday OR replaced it with Poem Sunday. Well in this hour of *checks calendar* Sunday! (yes, I was right! It is NOT Saturday, Randy!!!) I will be finally abiding by my promise. Not saying it’ll be good or anything, but it won’t be a freaky poem because I watched Paranormal Activity. So….yeah. Here we go!



Inspiration for poem: Amber and Jo, but mostly Amber (not out of anger! ^_^)

The Cold Fate

The sun could fall at any minute,

and break the moon’s interesting balance,

while the two seem happy as a team,

there could be a reason not to form one.

After countless years of being together,

something could drive

its heavy wedge between them.

Even their bond of sisterhood,

their pact to always join,

one could be unhappy,

and waiting for the other to fall.

The moon will sit there,

pleasant and unaware,

but as time goes on and on,

she’ll notice

her sister is missing,

the one person she thought trust would hold with,

the only other that knows all her secrets,

Because her sister didn’t take her seriously,

because she thought she’d be forgiving as always,

and not say a word.

What the sun will not comprehend,

is that the moon will ache, cry, and fight with a burning hatred

for the love they once had.

Stars will crash,

the Earth will pay,

and the moon still may not

force the sun to understand

that even if she is tired and weary

she worked to rise and fall in sync with her partner

 but the other gave up

and lost hope and everything important to her,

so the moon decides,

if I shall be forgotten and thrown away,

like an old star about to burn out,

I will do it myself. I do not need this.

I am my own person,

my own personality exists,

and I am not just the other half

of the sun’s work.

I will not fall,

I will not give in,

I will decide to end this,

so that life may be a better place

without my misery.

The moon forced all her stars

upon her face

and before giving the sun a second glance

she killed herself

with a force and rage…








By Fabio

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