Thanksgiving Break

Hey everybody! Today is Friday, also the last day I had school before next week is all break! I’ve planned soooo much time for Sims 3 tomorrow, since Case, me, and Casey’s bestest friend ever that goes to a different school who I have also become good friends with Trystan aren’t doin’ anything.

ASIA THE BUTTFACE MOVED! I’m pretty sure I’ve already told you guys this, but let me refresh your memory.

She MOVED!! I found out in Science class, and ever since then Casey and I have been more wild than ever. Not like Buttface was restricting us, but she certainly took away some freedom because we didn’t want to hear her smart remarks.

So, Trystan, Casey and I have planned an excellent party for the three of us. We’re basically going to hang out and every time we drink soda we’re going to go “cheers” to her being as far away from us as possible.

So Saturday is going to be my Sims day, and if I don’t feel completely dead I’m going to write Alex’s Teen Spectacular. I’m also going to close the vote tomorrow morning, so if you haven’t voted you’d better!





By Fabio

3 comments on “Thanksgiving Break

  1. Whoopee! I’m so glad that Asia buttface moved! Hey what about me, Kiki, one of your bestest good friends in the world?!? You can’t forget about me because we go to different schools!

  2. Everytime you say “Asia Buttface” I laugh. Doodledog and I are BFF’s with a girl named Asia. She is really sweet and funny and you’d absolutely love her. I’m gonna tease her about AHAHAHA ASIA THE BUTTFACE!!!

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