I’m very frustrated. My mom and I are painting my room red, my favorite color, but she won’t let me do anything. Every time I offer to help it’s, “No, no, I can handle it!”

Then I go: “But you said I could help…I thought you needed it?”

And she says: “When we get to putting the color the walls with the rollers you can!”


It’s like I’m incapable of holding a brush and guiding it on the outside edges of my walls and on the tape. I’ve been doing watercolor paintings and (used to) paint the inside of my stuffed animal’s cardboard box bedrooms with acrylics for years! They all came out looking neat, no matter what I was doing and even if the design was horrible, thank you very much. I can handle putting it on a wall! I’m ready for the big guns!

Somehow I don’t fit the qualifications.

This rather large example is what we’re coloring my room. Originally I was gonna paint white flames around the middle, but this is taking for so long I might just leave it plain.

My mom hates the color, but I love it. Besides, if she wants her room bright sunshine yellow then she can paint that. I’m not trying to be bratty and obsessed with getting my way, but if it’s my space shouldn’t I be able to do whatever I want with it? I’m sure she had a lot of outrageous plans for the walls of her room her mother didn’t approve of. Apparently we’re supposed to have matching personalities so everything in the house will be the same.

I don’t think I’m asking for much when I say I want my room a specific color. If she really wanted to make this whole business easier, she’d LET ME PARTICIPATE. I’m not a three year old begging to do finger paintings on every wall.

So there. Take my rant!

On another note, yesterday was a really good day! My best buddeh Casey drew me a picture of Pit, my favorite character on Super Smash Bros Brawl, except he was a chibi! And he was caramel dancing!

Like so!

Pit’s the AWESOME little guy on the right.

I think the one on the left is Ike. Yup, it’s definitely Ike. That’s Trystan (Tree-San!)’s favorite character. Odd to find him in the same gif as my Pit.

Heh…it sounded funny. My Pit. Like:



Goodbye from this randumb hotdog dog. Ooh! A hot dog dog could be like a double decker of hot dogs! You know, one weiner on top of another with a bun doubled in height?! How epic would that be?!




Banana shoe shine:


By Fabio

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