Happy New Year’s!!


So, I was having trouble thinking of a picture-thingy like I did for Christmas, so for New Year’s, I’m going to write down my resolutions. But before I do that, I want to show everyone what Google has done!

Sorry it’s a bit small, but Google did this! Not mine, obviously. But anyways, that’s pretty cool! Not as nice as the Christmas one:

Which was interactive, but still pretty nice. Plus, on the Christmas one you could track SANTA on Google Earth!! When I did, he was somewhere in Paraguay.

Anyways, onto resolutions. After I do mine, I’d like to know everyone else’s! Please? You don’t have to. But still. I want to know. 


    1. Learn to cook…ANYTHING. 
    2. Watch at least 5 more animes (Japanese television) and finish them!
    3. Make at least 4 new fan characters for said animes.
    4. Eat real Japanese ramen noodles with chopsticks!
    5. Become a better artist. 
    6. Finish writing at least 3 stories.

So there you have it! 

Goodbye and happy New Year’s!

And remember, don’t be creepy!


By Fabio

Merry Christmas!!


  And now for some excellent Christmas lights, music, and trees! (Of course none of them belong to me, yada, yada, yada)

Christmas Lights:

(This last one is from my home in Texas.)

Christmas Music To Listen To:

Christmas Music NOT To Listen To:

Or Music Not To Listen To Period:

Christmas Trees:


And now, I’d like to talk about a much less joyous but beneficial subject: 

Families who celebrate Christmas but are Atheist/have no religion.

First of all, let me say that I’m not trying to offend anyone whether they be Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, or whatever. 

Secondly, let me clarify that I am not Atheist. I am nothing. I have no religion, group, or group for people who don’t believe in religious groups. I don’t want a group. Why can’t I be independent, live alone without following some specific throng of people?

My friend Andi (who I mentioned before HERE) is seriously anti-whateverIam. She’s determined to prove her point: that I am in fact Atheist (yeah, right.) and she’s right and I’m wrong (no, she has it backwards.). Don’t think I hate her, but c’mon. Every set of friends have at least one fight. If you don’t, then maybe you’re TOO alike and are actually fraternal twins or sisters separated at birth (which can be a good thing!).

Anyways (I notice I say that a lot…hmmm…), Andi and I argue about it every chance we get. It’s like World War III that takes breaks. Normally we don’t say anything personal or go into stupid stuff like that. Actually, not normally, we never do. It’s cuz we’re not really fighting. It’s just like a strong breeze that outsiders think is a tornado but the actual scientists know is just wind. 

But anyways, we’ve been going on about that lately. A couple of days ago she said something that really got on my nerves. It cut deeper than she meant to or even knew it would. She said: “You shouldn’t get two weeks off because you don’t celebrate Christmas!”


I do, in fact, celebrate Christmas! Not as a religious holiday, but as a holiday in general. My family (Mom, Dad, Randy, cats Lilly and Benjamin, Dog Happy) treat Christmas as a day where everyone goes around just being nice to everyone. We use it as a holiday where everyone thinks about how they can be nicer to others, share their joy, and feel the warmth. But nooooo! According to religious buttfaces (not people who have a religion, but people who have a religion and go overboard trying to get everyone on their side in rude and annoying ways) believe it’s the birth of Jesus Christ. (That’s his name, right?)

Actually, before it was a Jesus thing, it was just a celebration of the winter solstice. It came from Germany. Originally, it was called Yuletide or something like that. When the partying started to get too out of hand, the church got upset and said that they needed to make it more family friendly and they included Jesus into their celebration. Or at least that’s what I remember of my Dad telling me. The story might have gotten muddled up, but you can Google it.

Spread the love and a merry Christmas to all!


(^^ Miku Hatsune from Vocaloid, a Japanese band)

By Fabio

Whoops :P

Do not try to eat pretzels while bending over.

They WILL fall out of your mouth and onto the carpet.

Then, your dog will continue to eat the pretzel and leave you with no food whatsoever.

By Fabio

The Two Newest EP’s

So, I’m sure everyone who reads my blog that plays Sims 3 knows about the next Expansion Pack, Showtime. I’ve read lots of comments on Facebook saying that it’s just a combination of Ambitions and Nightlife. That it is not, my friends!

There are no clubs, no hot tubs, and sadly no vampires with Showtime. It does give you new careers, but that doesn’t automatically make it just like Ambitions.

According to the Sims 3 website: “Your Sims can live the dream as Singers, Performers, Magicians, and DJs.” This is interesting for me, because I was extremely jealous that I couldn’t get Nightlife (my mom thought it was inappropriate. I thought it was awesome. I told her I only wanted it for the vampires, but nooooo!) because I thought you could teach your sims to sing. This is the career/skill I was initially going to teach Twila, my first born of Generation 2 on the Tangerine blog. I never really thought the guitar suited her, so then I got frustrated and explained to my mom all the good points of having Nightlife. But then, she went on the Sims 3 website, read clubs, hot tubs,  and “sexy vampires” and blew away all my arguments. She still thinks it’s dirty to this day. (Curse you, Mother!)

Anyways, I wasn’t done about Showtime. I just spent $30 on amazon.com buying the Sims 3 Pets, which came out of the $100 my Opa (German word for Grandpa) gave me. We always get about $75 from him, but this year he gave us $25 more. I think it’s because I’m going into high school and Randy into middle school.  So, it was extremely nice of him to give us so much money, and just because I said we get the about the same every year doesn’t mean that Randy and I have gotten it so many times we expect it. Actually, I’m just happy he remembers us. Since he lives in Wyoming with my Aunt Aubrey, Uncle Jay, and Oma (German word for Grandma. And no, Oma and Opa aren’t married anymore. I think they’d still be friends if they could, but my Oma isn’t doing so well in her brain.) My cousin Alyssa would be living there too, but she just got to college this year so she’s off in…uh…I think it was North Dakota? Or was it Colorado? I dunno, one of those northern states.

But I’ve gotten off topic. Showtime is an entirely new expansion pack, but as a lot of people pointed out, they should probably be working on fixing the bugs on Pets before starting anything new.

Now lets move onto Pets. As I said before, I just ordered it for $30 on Amazon.com. I was expecting it to be $40, so I was really happy with the results. I’m mostly excited about the cats. They seem the most interesting to me! Answer this poll really quick and then I’ll continue:

I’m thinking Alex will be a cat person, but that’s only because they’re soft and they seem good with artists *stereotype*.  I’m also REALLY excited about the new town, Apaloosa Plains! I’ve seen some pictures of it, and I decided it’d be a great place to put the Tangerines! So that brings me to another question: who knows how to make your Sim family move to another town? I’d like your help please!




By Fabio

Top Story: Evil Cleo Breaks Out of Cage

So, if you read the post before this you saw my sort of plan that I had for today. It turns out that everything before 11am was cancelled. Not because I got arrested (which would most likely be for watching anime too much ;3), not because I died and then came back to life to comment with DD, and not because I magically could talk to fish like I dreamed I could. Actually, dreaming was the problem. I woke up at about 11:30 this morning.

“LAZY! SLOB! HOW COULD YOU?!” Cleo the Planner (one of my many selves in my brain which I figured is kind of like a big office with a lot of cubicles) yelled.

The Cleo in charge of turning on the “lights” (my brain) says, “It’s because everyone’s been working too late this week. I decided we all need a break. Now go back to work planning what we’re going to do with the Christmas money we get!”

Now, let me explain something. I have a Debate Team in my head. Five Cleos wear white shirts with green checkmarks on them, and then five Cleos wear white shirts with big X’s. Cleo the Planner went in there this morning while I (the big, “actual” me) smashed my face into my pillow ‘cuz I wished I was still asleep.

Cleo the Planner asked, “Okay, the topic is ‘Doing Homework in the Morning’. Go kill yourselves.”

The positive team (checkmarks) gave the pros:

  • We won’t have to do it later.
  • We can relax.
  • Mom will take us to the Apple store and we can buy stuff.
  • We can draw after dinner.
  • We can call Casey and Trystan.
  • It’s boring, so if we finish it now we won’t have to worry about it all Break.

The negative team (X’s) gave the cons:

  • IT’S.
  • SO.

The Planner decided the X’s had a better argument and we went to youtubemp3.tv  and downloaded at least 15 new songs. Later, during my late breakfast/brunch deal when all the Cleos went on break, Evil Cleo picked the lock on her cage, picked the locks on ALL the other doors, and got into the Master Control Room. This is where all the final decisions are put into action after being processed by every specific Cleo necessary.

This is where the geek Cleos live. They were big, black, horned rim glasses:


And all of them are up to date on the latest internet phenomenons.

Yeah. They’re that nerdy.

Not to mention, they all use those old internet code computers, the ones with black screens and everything was typed in neon green.

Uh-huh. They don’t have many friends, except for each other.

But anyways, back to the story. So Evil Cleo got into the room, turned on the biggest computer screen she could find, and began to type to angriest and meanest stuff that she thought of.

(By the way, Evil Cleo looks like me in Smeagul/Gollum form:

 Just like this.)

This is when I started arguing with my mom over taking a Christmas family photo. I insisted they were dorky, stupid, and lame. Therefore, I refused to be in one. Yeahuh, I was being a brat. This doesn’t happen often (my parents would disagree).


click this if you dare and are NOT a dude, cuz you’re gonna get grossed out. 

So….it was twice as worse as it should have been.

My dad was also starting to put up the Christmas tree and Randy insisted we wait on decorating until tomorrow when I wasn’t being so angry.

The good news is, Calm Police Cleo tranquilized the Evil Cleo and shoved her back in her cage! Also, there’s now an anvil over the cage in case she ever breaks out.





By Fabio

CHRISTMAS BREAK and Facebook Typing Skills

Hey everyone! So today was my last day of school for TWO ENORMOUS WEEKS. I planned tomorrow to go something like this:

9am- Wake up

9:02- Facebook/email/blog updates or notifications

10am- Finish History homework so I can have FREEDOM!

11am- SIMS!!!

3pm- See what’s up with Tree-san and Casey buddy!

7pm- eat dinner.

8pm- draaaaaaw, and then upload to blog.

9pm-check on internet and Casey & Tree-san

11pm-fall asleep.

That’s just a guess about how my day’s gonna go. I’ll probably be seeing Casey and Trystan over Christmas break since it is 2 weeks long, and I hope we can go to the mall nearby.

The last time Casey was here (without Trystan) we did go to the mall, and we ran around and acted like retards. XD It was so much fun! And we bought that tiger plushy that was my banner for a while and a giraffe for Casey.

But anyways, I was on Facebook yesterday and switched to that timeline function. I clicked publish now, assuming there was like an “undo” button or something. THERE WASN’T.  Now I hate my profile but I’m too lazy to make another account or anything and add all my friends and family back over. Plus that’s just stupid.

On another subject, has anyone seen the people who TyPe LiKe ThIs? It’s really stupid and not to mention annoying. If someone from the government were to see this (and they were really stupid and annoying too [not that I think the government is…just this one official]) they could think it were code for “blow up the capital and watch it burn!”

*skip to 1:15*

Now, based on my superstitious nature of people and what they think I mean when I say stuff like that, NO, I DO NOT HATE AMERICA. And our government is not stupid.

But people on Facebook like the ones who typed like I did up there^^ are really starting to annoy me. Also those “LMS”‘s and “TBH”‘s. But the fad that bothers me the most is the “That awkward moment when…”. Most of the time it’s not even awkward. Just dumb. Sometimes it’s “when my ex bf and I touch hands reaching for the popcorn at the movies.”

Based on that example, let me point out a few things.

  • What would you and an ex-boyfriend be doing at the movies together in the first place?!
  • Why would you want to share popcorn with them?
  • How is that awkward? All you do is move your hand, get the popcorn you previously desired, and put in your stinkin’ mouth!
  • Why would you sit right next to an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend or ex-cat in the first place?! If they’re your “ex” wouldn’t you want to sit away from them?!

Another TAMW (That Awkward Moment When) is:

“…when someone tells you they see you all the time but you never see them.”

  • Maybe this person writing is blind?
  • Maybe this isn’t awkward at all but kinda CREEPY?

“…when you say ‘Goodbye!’ to someone but you both walk off in the same direction.”

  • Not awkward. STOO. PID. Stu. Pid. STOOPID STUPID STOOPID!
  • So what? Then you get to talk to that person for a minute longer.

Two common points I made multiple times (I repeated a lot XDD) were that most of these weren’t awkward, just really dumb or ignorant, and that you can fix every one of these situations with very simple actions.

For #1: Just keep eating, you dunderhead. -_-

For #2: Pay attention more and quit daydreaming. -_______-

For #3: Say “Hi!”, laugh about it, and keep talking. >___________<

Man these make me aggravated.




By Fabio

Cleo’s Ramble (Edition 1)

So in Theatre Arts, we’re writing 20-30 page scripts. The longest my teacher, Coach Sohel, will accept is 32 pages. We all had to come up with 4 ideas to write our script around, and the one I liked and he picked for me to do was one that I think could make a great story.

-An artist is using clay that has been cursed by a magician so that whatever she makes will come to life. While eating, the artist accidentally gets the clay in her mouth and now has magical abilities like the magician. She must battle the magician to keep her home after the magician tries to steal her clay monsters and use them for evil purposes. The artist dies and her sculptures carry on her legacy.

It repeats a lot and all, but that’s just an outline for my script. I’m excited to write this!

I’m also excited that my mom’s gonna get 2 copies of Microsoft Office 2010, one for me and one for Randy (my little brother)!! 2010!! HOW EPIC IS THAT?! THANK YOU MOMMY!!

The school has Microsoft 2007, and I’ve always been jealous. WELL TAKE THAT, SCHOOL! HA! IN YO FACE! 😀 The best part is going to be Word 2010. I write stories on 2003 currently, so this is going to be a major upgrade. So, again, HA SCHOOL! I’M. SO. EXCITED. Now if you’ve all been keeping up with the Tangerines’ Facebook page like good little children (TEEHEE), then you’ll know I was feeling really creative today. I think it came from coming up with the Artist Script in 2nd period. I also drew a dead bunny on my hand. It was originally just gonna be a bunny, but then this preppy annoying girl saw it and she was all like:

“AWWW, how cuuute! I totally want one! Look guys it’s a BUNNY!”

So my response was: “…go jump off a bridge.” (or it was in my head at least…outside I was just silently nodding before turning around.)

So I added a knife and the red-pen-bunny died. It had a short life, but it was well lived. 😉 Anyways, my mom finished painting my room and I got to help in the end anyways! Woo! It’s like dark cherry red!!


I also got polar bear sheets! WOO POLAR BEARS!

They’re not my favorite animal, that’s a tiger, but they are my second favorite. Mostly ‘cuz I’ve always had a thing for bears, and these live in the SNOW!  Plus the sheets are flannel so they’re really warm and fuzzy and soft and- and- FUZZY!

I love ’em so freaking much.

Something made me…what’s the word? Not sad, that’s too simple. Disappointed I guess. But that was a couple days ago. Anyways, I had left my phone dead for like a week and so on Monday I recharged it. Then I checked my messages and found 0. Nada. Zilch.

“So…no one sent me a message all week? Poop.”- were my exact thoughts.

But anywho, in Theatre Arts this morning Molly and I were talking while she rested her shoes (why did I write shoes? She put her feet on me…but her feet were wearing shoes…oh well, they were feet) on my knees and together we were brainstorming ideas. We both have a similar view on what’s good writing and what’s not (with the excepting of her liking of romance) so when you do:

(Cleo x Molly)+ creative writing


Coach Sohel picked for her to write about a scientist who was frozen for research and unmelted 1,000 (or was it 100? I don’t know, but my memory seems to be getting A LOT worse lately) years later. I think the scientist has a kid in the end with a really hawt science nerd (if that’s possible XD stereotypes). Quick note: when I wrote unmelted up there and right clicked to use Google Chrome’s spell check feature, the first word on the list was unmolested. 😀 How can anyone be unmolested? Do they buy a time machine and slap the predator before it can happen?

I don’t think that’s really what Doc had in mind when he built the car and the flux capassitor (excuse my terrible spelling).

Anywho, it was just so much fun for me to be able to talk about writing and ideas like that with Molly without someone just saying “Yeah, that sounds good” because they’re my friend. We call it being “brutally honest”.

I told my mom I had homework tonight when I’m not really sure if I do. I mean, I think I might, but I could be wrong. So, sorry. That’s not lying, is it? No, no. I must have just been mistaken. I suppose so.

By the way, I remember saying something about Cleo’s History Lessons that would be coming soon (and that was like a month ago). I’m going to bust out the first chapter of that tomorrow or Friday. Maybe even Saturday. Saturday History Lessons? Sounds like a fun idea to me, the girl who’s nearly flunking her own History Class (IT WAS ONLY ONE QUIZ, OKAY?!).

A girl named Jessie in my math class asked me to draw her a cat-person (also about a month ago) and I still haven’t gotten around to it. I think after I check for homework and possibly do it, I’ll get right on that! Jessie was never mean to me, so why not?

Anyways, my favorite song right now (which is slightly inappropriate but but HILARIOUS) is Stereotypes by Your Favorite Martian. It has one or two cuss words in it, but it’s so darn funny that you can just ignore it!!

Also: I went berserk on Saturday! I won’t go into all the details, but the wildest part was when I stabbed a tissue box multiple times. I thought it was kind of funny when I looked back on it later. Mom and Dad didn’t think so.

Not to spoil the mood, let’s continue! Now my favorite Soul Eater (anime) character and maybe MOST EPICLY AWESOME AND CUTE anime guy I have liked so far is Justin Law.

My Justy-poo! I love him sooooo much. And his eyes are blue! My second favorite eye color! My first favorite is green (which I COULD HAVE GOTTEN, had my mom given me her eyes instead of my dad’s. Pffft.)

Anyways, I really want all of you to click the link!! Clickedy-click! Just do it. Mom, you’re the exception. Just stay right here. I won’t get mad this time, I promise, that you didn’t click a link -coughcough-my Christmas list-coughcough-.





By Fabio