CHRISTMAS BREAK and Facebook Typing Skills

Hey everyone! So today was my last day of school for TWO ENORMOUS WEEKS. I planned tomorrow to go something like this:

9am- Wake up

9:02- Facebook/email/blog updates or notifications

10am- Finish History homework so I can have FREEDOM!

11am- SIMS!!!

3pm- See what’s up with Tree-san and Casey buddy!

7pm- eat dinner.

8pm- draaaaaaw, and then upload to blog.

9pm-check on internet and Casey & Tree-san

11pm-fall asleep.

That’s just a guess about how my day’s gonna go. I’ll probably be seeing Casey and Trystan over Christmas break since it is 2 weeks long, and I hope we can go to the mall nearby.

The last time Casey was here (without Trystan) we did go to the mall, and we ran around and acted like retards. XD It was so much fun! And we bought that tiger plushy that was my banner for a while and a giraffe for Casey.

But anyways, I was on Facebook yesterday and switched to that timeline function. I clicked publish now, assuming there was like an “undo” button or something. THERE WASN’T.  Now I hate my profile but I’m too lazy to make another account or anything and add all my friends and family back over. Plus that’s just stupid.

On another subject, has anyone seen the people who TyPe LiKe ThIs? It’s really stupid and not to mention annoying. If someone from the government were to see this (and they were really stupid and annoying too [not that I think the government is…just this one official]) they could think it were code for “blow up the capital and watch it burn!”

*skip to 1:15*

Now, based on my superstitious nature of people and what they think I mean when I say stuff like that, NO, I DO NOT HATE AMERICA. And our government is not stupid.

But people on Facebook like the ones who typed like I did up there^^ are really starting to annoy me. Also those “LMS”‘s and “TBH”‘s. But the fad that bothers me the most is the “That awkward moment when…”. Most of the time it’s not even awkward. Just dumb. Sometimes it’s “when my ex bf and I touch hands reaching for the popcorn at the movies.”

Based on that example, let me point out a few things.

  • What would you and an ex-boyfriend be doing at the movies together in the first place?!
  • Why would you want to share popcorn with them?
  • How is that awkward? All you do is move your hand, get the popcorn you previously desired, and put in your stinkin’ mouth!
  • Why would you sit right next to an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend or ex-cat in the first place?! If they’re your “ex” wouldn’t you want to sit away from them?!

Another TAMW (That Awkward Moment When) is:

“…when someone tells you they see you all the time but you never see them.”

  • Maybe this person writing is blind?
  • Maybe this isn’t awkward at all but kinda CREEPY?

“…when you say ‘Goodbye!’ to someone but you both walk off in the same direction.”

  • Not awkward. STOO. PID. Stu. Pid. STOOPID STUPID STOOPID!
  • So what? Then you get to talk to that person for a minute longer.

Two common points I made multiple times (I repeated a lot XDD) were that most of these weren’t awkward, just really dumb or ignorant, and that you can fix every one of these situations with very simple actions.

For #1: Just keep eating, you dunderhead. -_-

For #2: Pay attention more and quit daydreaming. -_______-

For #3: Say “Hi!”, laugh about it, and keep talking. >___________<

Man these make me aggravated.




By Fabio

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