Top Story: Evil Cleo Breaks Out of Cage

So, if you read the post before this you saw my sort of plan that I had for today. It turns out that everything before 11am was cancelled. Not because I got arrested (which would most likely be for watching anime too much ;3), not because I died and then came back to life to comment with DD, and not because I magically could talk to fish like I dreamed I could. Actually, dreaming was the problem. I woke up at about 11:30 this morning.

“LAZY! SLOB! HOW COULD YOU?!” Cleo the Planner (one of my many selves in my brain which I figured is kind of like a big office with a lot of cubicles) yelled.

The Cleo in charge of turning on the “lights” (my brain) says, “It’s because everyone’s been working too late this week. I decided we all need a break. Now go back to work planning what we’re going to do with the Christmas money we get!”

Now, let me explain something. I have a Debate Team in my head. Five Cleos wear white shirts with green checkmarks on them, and then five Cleos wear white shirts with big X’s. Cleo the Planner went in there this morning while I (the big, “actual” me) smashed my face into my pillow ‘cuz I wished I was still asleep.

Cleo the Planner asked, “Okay, the topic is ‘Doing Homework in the Morning’. Go kill yourselves.”

The positive team (checkmarks) gave the pros:

  • We won’t have to do it later.
  • We can relax.
  • Mom will take us to the Apple store and we can buy stuff.
  • We can draw after dinner.
  • We can call Casey and Trystan.
  • It’s boring, so if we finish it now we won’t have to worry about it all Break.

The negative team (X’s) gave the cons:

  • IT’S.
  • SO.

The Planner decided the X’s had a better argument and we went to  and downloaded at least 15 new songs. Later, during my late breakfast/brunch deal when all the Cleos went on break, Evil Cleo picked the lock on her cage, picked the locks on ALL the other doors, and got into the Master Control Room. This is where all the final decisions are put into action after being processed by every specific Cleo necessary.

This is where the geek Cleos live. They were big, black, horned rim glasses:


And all of them are up to date on the latest internet phenomenons.

Yeah. They’re that nerdy.

Not to mention, they all use those old internet code computers, the ones with black screens and everything was typed in neon green.

Uh-huh. They don’t have many friends, except for each other.

But anyways, back to the story. So Evil Cleo got into the room, turned on the biggest computer screen she could find, and began to type to angriest and meanest stuff that she thought of.

(By the way, Evil Cleo looks like me in Smeagul/Gollum form:

 Just like this.)

This is when I started arguing with my mom over taking a Christmas family photo. I insisted they were dorky, stupid, and lame. Therefore, I refused to be in one. Yeahuh, I was being a brat. This doesn’t happen often (my parents would disagree).


click this if you dare and are NOT a dude, cuz you’re gonna get grossed out. 

So….it was twice as worse as it should have been.

My dad was also starting to put up the Christmas tree and Randy insisted we wait on decorating until tomorrow when I wasn’t being so angry.

The good news is, Calm Police Cleo tranquilized the Evil Cleo and shoved her back in her cage! Also, there’s now an anvil over the cage in case she ever breaks out.





By Fabio

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