The Two Newest EP’s

So, I’m sure everyone who reads my blog that plays Sims 3 knows about the next Expansion Pack, Showtime. I’ve read lots of comments on Facebook saying that it’s just a combination of Ambitions and Nightlife. That it is not, my friends!

There are no clubs, no hot tubs, and sadly no vampires with Showtime. It does give you new careers, but that doesn’t automatically make it just like Ambitions.

According to the Sims 3 website: “Your Sims can live the dream as Singers, Performers, Magicians, and DJs.” This is interesting for me, because I was extremely jealous that I couldn’t get Nightlife (my mom thought it was inappropriate. I thought it was awesome. I told her I only wanted it for the vampires, but nooooo!) because I thought you could teach your sims to sing. This is the career/skill I was initially going to teach Twila, my first born of Generation 2 on the Tangerine blog. I never really thought the guitar suited her, so then I got frustrated and explained to my mom all the good points of having Nightlife. But then, she went on the Sims 3 website, read clubs, hot tubs,  and “sexy vampires” and blew away all my arguments. She still thinks it’s dirty to this day. (Curse you, Mother!)

Anyways, I wasn’t done about Showtime. I just spent $30 on buying the Sims 3 Pets, which came out of the $100 my Opa (German word for Grandpa) gave me. We always get about $75 from him, but this year he gave us $25 more. I think it’s because I’m going into high school and Randy into middle school.  So, it was extremely nice of him to give us so much money, and just because I said we get the about the same every year doesn’t mean that Randy and I have gotten it so many times we expect it. Actually, I’m just happy he remembers us. Since he lives in Wyoming with my Aunt Aubrey, Uncle Jay, and Oma (German word for Grandma. And no, Oma and Opa aren’t married anymore. I think they’d still be friends if they could, but my Oma isn’t doing so well in her brain.) My cousin Alyssa would be living there too, but she just got to college this year so she’s off in…uh…I think it was North Dakota? Or was it Colorado? I dunno, one of those northern states.

But I’ve gotten off topic. Showtime is an entirely new expansion pack, but as a lot of people pointed out, they should probably be working on fixing the bugs on Pets before starting anything new.

Now lets move onto Pets. As I said before, I just ordered it for $30 on I was expecting it to be $40, so I was really happy with the results. I’m mostly excited about the cats. They seem the most interesting to me! Answer this poll really quick and then I’ll continue:

I’m thinking Alex will be a cat person, but that’s only because they’re soft and they seem good with artists *stereotype*.  I’m also REALLY excited about the new town, Apaloosa Plains! I’ve seen some pictures of it, and I decided it’d be a great place to put the Tangerines! So that brings me to another question: who knows how to make your Sim family move to another town? I’d like your help please!




By Fabio

3 comments on “The Two Newest EP’s

  1. You first go into Edit Town, and then you select the house icon above where the Tangerines live. Their little house card will pop up, and at the bottom there will be an icon with an open envelope with an arrow pointing inside. When you mouse over this icon, it says “save”. Click on that and it will save the family. Then go to the main menu and select “add new game”. Wait for it to load. When you can, select “move in household” instead of “create sims” or “choose household”. Click on the Tangerine household and move them in!

    Hope I remembered everything! Hope that helps!

    • Ohhh, thanks DD! That seems so simple, I wonder how I never thought of it. XP But the good news is, my game should be here before Christmas! So I’ll have some time to try out Pets and install it and everything! I also played Sims all day today, so expect some new posts pretty soon!

  2. Phew! just got over wanting every expansion pack. Just got pets. It’s over! *reads post* Nooooo curse you Cleo!!!!!

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