Merry Christmas!!


  And now for some excellent Christmas lights, music, and trees! (Of course none of them belong to me, yada, yada, yada)

Christmas Lights:

(This last one is from my home in Texas.)

Christmas Music To Listen To:

Christmas Music NOT To Listen To:

Or Music Not To Listen To Period:

Christmas Trees:


And now, I’d like to talk about a much less joyous but beneficial subject: 

Families who celebrate Christmas but are Atheist/have no religion.

First of all, let me say that I’m not trying to offend anyone whether they be Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, or whatever. 

Secondly, let me clarify that I am not Atheist. I am nothing. I have no religion, group, or group for people who don’t believe in religious groups. I don’t want a group. Why can’t I be independent, live alone without following some specific throng of people?

My friend Andi (who I mentioned before HERE) is seriously anti-whateverIam. She’s determined to prove her point: that I am in fact Atheist (yeah, right.) and she’s right and I’m wrong (no, she has it backwards.). Don’t think I hate her, but c’mon. Every set of friends have at least one fight. If you don’t, then maybe you’re TOO alike and are actually fraternal twins or sisters separated at birth (which can be a good thing!).

Anyways (I notice I say that a lot…hmmm…), Andi and I argue about it every chance we get. It’s like World War III that takes breaks. Normally we don’t say anything personal or go into stupid stuff like that. Actually, not normally, we never do. It’s cuz we’re not really fighting. It’s just like a strong breeze that outsiders think is a tornado but the actual scientists know is just wind. 

But anyways, we’ve been going on about that lately. A couple of days ago she said something that really got on my nerves. It cut deeper than she meant to or even knew it would. She said: “You shouldn’t get two weeks off because you don’t celebrate Christmas!”


I do, in fact, celebrate Christmas! Not as a religious holiday, but as a holiday in general. My family (Mom, Dad, Randy, cats Lilly and Benjamin, Dog Happy) treat Christmas as a day where everyone goes around just being nice to everyone. We use it as a holiday where everyone thinks about how they can be nicer to others, share their joy, and feel the warmth. But nooooo! According to religious buttfaces (not people who have a religion, but people who have a religion and go overboard trying to get everyone on their side in rude and annoying ways) believe it’s the birth of Jesus Christ. (That’s his name, right?)

Actually, before it was a Jesus thing, it was just a celebration of the winter solstice. It came from Germany. Originally, it was called Yuletide or something like that. When the partying started to get too out of hand, the church got upset and said that they needed to make it more family friendly and they included Jesus into their celebration. Or at least that’s what I remember of my Dad telling me. The story might have gotten muddled up, but you can Google it.

Spread the love and a merry Christmas to all!


(^^ Miku Hatsune from Vocaloid, a Japanese band)

By Fabio

2 comments on “Merry Christmas!!

  1. Methinks your egnostic, not atheist. It means you aren’t totally “there is no heaven, no life after death, bla bla bla” but you don’t go to church either. You believe there is SOME higher power, but don’t take the bible as 100% truth. It’s just kind of… in the middle, a neutral, zero of religion.

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