News, the Blues, and Clues


Since I’m in that creative kind of mood, I’m going to be writing some more about Alex’s new life with Thomas! Gonna be an eventful post!

The Blues:

My family and I used to live in Oregon, where it snows about three feet every winter. Now that we live in Texas, we’re lucky to get three inches for two days in February. I miss you, Oregon!!


The guy I like is named John. John has gym with me, but mostly we spend time with our groups of friends. I try to talk to him or laugh at his jokes whenever I can, but the opportunity doesn’t arise often. So, today I was using the jump rope because we had a free day. Sounds like elementary school, I know. So, I was trying to get started with ^said^ jump rope and kept on tripping over it after two spins. Spins? Yeah, I guess you would call them spins. In science we’d say rotations. I hate science by the way. But John came over and told me that I was nothing compared to his jump roping “skills” (by the way, he was joking, not really making fun of me). But…he wasn’t much better than I was.

I used to jump rope a lot as a kid and I still have the old pink one I used to use. So, when I asked John if I could try again I got going. I mean really going. I was on fire! So John stuck his foot out into the rope. It was much funnier in person… but then Coach Howard (full name since it’s pretty common) told us to change out of gym clothes and that was the end of that.



By Fabio

13 comments on “News, the Blues, and Clues

  1. [I’m often the first to read new posts (I’d say maybe 50% of the time), and usually the first to WordPress Like it, and I just have to say that I feel like a creeper. Or, to use Dan Bergstein’s term, ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff.]

  2. *sews up lips* Mmmphhhh!!!! But his name is so amazing!!! And Cleo, you shouldn’t complain. Here in “sunny”, boring California, it doesn’t snow at all! (Except in the mountains where I don’t live.) My crush’s last name is a character out of a famous children author’s book. (hint: the author actually hated children! And his name is a pseudonym that begins with an S kinda.) *dreams* Why no, I’m not obsessed! No siree! It’s not like I write stories about him kissing me in the middle of the forest, or make sims of him and then marry me, or write his initials in a giant heart next to mine on the mirror when it fogs up or that I’ve had the biggest crush on him since I was 11! Not me!!! *pantpant* …. Pretend I didn’t say anything.

  3. yeah, california can get boring! At least rainy season is coming up in a month or so.

    @Doodledog: is the guy you like the guy you were telling me about who used to carpool with you? The one who our mutual friend used to date? (I’m sure you know who I’m talking about)

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