My mom, dad, Randy (who left to play Minecraft less than half way through) and I watched “2012” on television tonight. It was so unrealistic, fake, and altogether dumb that I couldn’t help but laugh.

First of all, every single time you thought the main characters (an ex-wife and husband, new husband, and the ex’s’ two children) were going to die they miraculously made it out alive. The first thing I laughed at was when their stolen limousine jumped over a giant crack in the middle of their street.

Another thing! This was absolutely the most anti-religious movie I have ever seen. I mean this literally. Every single (I mean this literally again!) who prayed or even tried to reach out to a higher power or God was killed. Mercilessly, I might add.

I’m not trying to spoil it for anyone in case they were planning on seeing the movie on Netflix or something, but past this point is full of everything in the movie.


In the end, the boat-like ships they were trying to escape on had glass in the front like windows. My mom and I were thinking: if these waves and tsunamis can destroy mountains and rip up the earth into pieces, why isn’t it completely penetrating their glass? Why aren’t they on submarines that are completely steel or some other kind of metal?

I’m no scientist so I don’t know all the facts, but it’s common sense people!

Also: What the heck is supposedly causing all these explosions and stuff? Is it like tectonic plates or something?

And then the animals. Oh god, the animals.

They had to bring elephants, giraffes, lions, monkeys and all the other guys?

Did they thing there’d be breeders on board to create a decent food supply for them?

Lastly, I’m no scientist, don’t forget that, and I’m not a genius. I don’t know all the facts, but take it from me:

this movie sucks.


By Fabio

3 comments on ““2012”

    • I think it’s something nice to watch on days you feel pretty down. 😉 Of course it only had one side effect…it made my mom slightly depressed the next day. She was all “we have no point if we’re just gonna die” so yeah…I wouldn’t take your parents.

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