Aw, Poop.

I sat down at my laptop, all ready to write a story, but I clicked Google Chrome out of habit. This took me to my homepage, Facebook, and I sat there for hours scrolling through memes and commenting on pictures.
By the time I realized what I was doing, the entire urge of creativity had vanished and a lazier, less inspired one took its place.

The internet hates me.

By Fabio

The Thoughts Of A Sick Person

“Will anyone notice I’m gone?”

“I wonder how much make-up work I’m going to get…”

“Will the internet work today?”

“Oh yay! Waffles!”

“CAT! Get off my stomach!”

“There’s something hiding behind the door.” O_O

“I bet I could do that today.”

“Waffles are so delicious.”

“Facebook works!”

“Ooh so does WordPress!”

“Maybe I should open the curtains.”

“My closet door totally just shut by itself.”

“Oh, the fan just turned on.”

“Maybe I could put my new post up early.”

“I could totally do that today!”

“Aww…no more waffles.”

“CAT! Gimme back my laptop charger!”

“My walls look a little blank. Must draw more pictures!”

“Did the power just go out?”

“Darn cat unplugged my lamp.”

“I should read today.”

“Nah, I need to catch up on anime and the Yogscast (Minecraft videos)!”

“I betcha I could do both…”

“I think my brain just exploded.”

“URGH where’s a tissue?!”

“Ok. That’s ENOUGH!”

*sleeps until 6 pm*

By Fabio