The Thoughts Of A Sick Person

“Will anyone notice I’m gone?”

“I wonder how much make-up work I’m going to get…”

“Will the internet work today?”

“Oh yay! Waffles!”

“CAT! Get off my stomach!”

“There’s something hiding behind the door.” O_O

“I bet I could do that today.”

“Waffles are so delicious.”

“Facebook works!”

“Ooh so does WordPress!”

“Maybe I should open the curtains.”

“My closet door totally just shut by itself.”

“Oh, the fan just turned on.”

“Maybe I could put my new post up early.”

“I could totally do that today!”

“Aww…no more waffles.”

“CAT! Gimme back my laptop charger!”

“My walls look a little blank. Must draw more pictures!”

“Did the power just go out?”

“Darn cat unplugged my lamp.”

“I should read today.”

“Nah, I need to catch up on anime and the Yogscast (Minecraft videos)!”

“I betcha I could do both…”

“I think my brain just exploded.”

“URGH where’s a tissue?!”

“Ok. That’s ENOUGH!”

*sleeps until 6 pm*

By Fabio

6 comments on “The Thoughts Of A Sick Person

  1. You get sick too much. What’s wrong with you? Lol, jk. Oh, ur just like Doodledog in jr high. You two have no immunities! Sorry your sick though.

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