So What? (RAGE POST #1)

Hi all! Sorry to be late and not post this morning, but I was busy last night with anime and such activities! Anyways, here’s the afternoon’s RAGE POST! I know these are supposed to be the short ones and the long ones in the morning, but this one thing happened at school today that got me really ticked off. Now you’ve been acquainted with RAGE POSTS: posts that come in at random times without the schedule because something got me really mad. Here we go…

My friends, Chelsea and Jezzie, were talking to me on the track a couple days ago. As a group of “ghetto” (acting ghetto when not really IN the ghetto or tough enough to BE in a ghetto) girls passed us they snickered and whispered, “Lesbian!” We had no idea who they were talking about since there was a whole group of girls surrounding us.

Finally, after a couple weeks, Chelsea came clean: “Hey, Cleo?” She asked one day while we were jogging. “Yeah?” I wondered, out of breath.

Chelsea said in a rush, “When they said ‘Lesbian!’ the other day, I knew they were talking about you. It was the day you were sick, and they were all being gossipy. They said something about you hugging another girl in the hallway and how you dress or something…”

Of course I wasn’t mad at Chelsea. She’s really nice, never cusses, and is polite and happy to practically anyone. I was just frustrated that they would go and stereotype someone so quickly like that.

No, I’m not a lesbian, but what would be the big deal if I was one? Is there something so wrong about liking girls instead of guys? It’s like this comic I found:

They made a big deal about that, eh? I still don’t understand the problem. Girls and girls can work together just as well as guys and girls, heck, probably even better since they can understand the other. But still, my question stands: what of it? Who cares if someone else likes the same gender? It’s not like they’ll have a crush on you after you’ve been such a buttface.

Then, we were playing tee-ball today on the track (you know, the grassy middle part). I got to second base and one of those black girls that was in the outfield near me said, “Hey BriBri* I’m just gonna step over here for a second. Ya know, I be right back so we can talk ’bout hurr some more!”

*BriBri is not an actual name. It was just something like that that they say…like a girl named TayTay.

They were clearly within my hearing range and might have meant for me to listen. Whatever. The point was, as soon as I got on to the third base, the “ghetto” girl went back over there with “BriBri”.

Then, whilst changing in the locker room, I started to sing 1985 by Bowling for Soup. Apparently this is not something they approve of.  They whispered something, then exploded in laughter. “You hear hurr singing to hurrself? And I think she said-” they said, as they left.

They want to stereotype? FINE. Do it to me, just not the friend I hugged in the hallway.


By Fabio

The Locked World

So, I’ve writing my new story, which I absolutely LOVE to death, and I’m coming up with a decent plot right now. I’m going to post a picture of it here later NOW since I’m making it like a web, and then I’m going to ask you guys what you’d like to see in it.

Just to let you know I’m still here, didn’t forget about this blog, just spent my day working on the Tangerines.



(click it, make it full size, or use the zoom of the web page to see the small print)

By Fabio

Cleo’s Modified and Inaccurate Version of History (Volume I)

Welcome, peers. This is Madame Expert McProfessor Cleo Augustina here, and I’m pleased to inform you about the origins of sexists and sexism.

(By the way, Augustina is my middle name, not last, just in case someone decides to search me…stalker. And no, my parents aren’t hippies. In fact, I’M the weird one in my family. Really! Everyone else is much more sane.)

Now then, our lesson dates all the way back to cave men and women times. The first person to invent a sling shot HAPPENED to be a woman. She was cooking breakfast for herself one morning when a fat hairy caveman appeared on her cavestep. She couldn’t think of any other way to defend herself from the creepy man, and yesterday she’d hurt herself with her scrunchie by stretching it back too far, so she grabbed a stick shaped as a V and a nice elastic dinosaur tail. Yes, the dinosaurs were made of plastic. How else do you explain how they melted when they came in contact with fire and meteors?

Anyways, she grabbed one of those and pulled it back on the stick hoping it would shoot at the man. By now he was standing in a puddle of his slobber and his eyes were lustful. The cave-woman grabbed a rock off the counter. She thought for a minute and then had a sudden realization. She could just hit him over the head! The rock came smashing down on the caveman’s skull and he crumpled to the ground like a dead rat.

The cave-woman was later eaten and cooked over the fire for mutiny.

Let’s continue!

Before the caveman and woman times, there were monkeys. Yes, humans evolved from monkeys. No one created us out of thin hair. *scoff*

Anyways, the monkeys were very active. Typically though, the females were smarter and found bananas and food much faster. The males were full of muscle though, so they went with the females to protect them whilst gathering. One day, the smallest male monkey punched a random bird in the face. It hadn’t even approached the female, the male was just extremely jealous and in love with the female and let nothing (not even the leaves) touch her.

This made his ego and pride dramatically boost. It went so high, that the male thought he was the one doing all the work. When the female returned, the male had carried the food for her. The others thought that the male had gotten ALL of those delicious morsels, but in reality he head done nothing. Then, the other males figured they could do better than the females too, and they began treating the females like dirt. Apparently, the females were supposed to sit still, clean the males, or mate with them.

Thus concludes my two examples of where sexists and sexism came from.

Thank you all and have a pleasant afternooon.


Madame Expert McProfessor Cleo Augustina

By Fabio

Lilly: The Laziest, Most Spoiled, Diva Cat

‎*Studying on bed*
Lilly, my fat cat, is staring at me. She KNOWS that I’d rather pet her soft squishy belly. I know she wants me to. I throw something across the room to distract her. She doesn’t even BLINK. After a few more minutes of silence when I’m sure my cat is possessed by a demon and won’t quit glaring at me, she jumps onto the bed. I jump a little as she lands next to me and starts rubbing her neck on the laptop’s edge.

Then, she licks my hand to see if I’ll pet her THEN. Nope. She almost has no chance. ALMOST. Then after she’s tried licking, she starts biting. After biting comes clawing, and after clawing comes full on attacking.

I scratch her behind the ear for a second and she relaxes. She plops down next to my legs and curls up around them.
It’s as if she’s saying, “That’s all I wanted. Geez, couldn’t spare a SECOND could you? You know, I think somewhere in your head you’ve moved on. Did you start getting attached to that mangy orange stray down the street, Juice?! I knew there was another kitteh! How could you do this to me?! I’m your best cat friend and…”
I know if she was a talking cat, she’d rant for hours.

Sayonara! -Cleo

P.S. I’ve decided to post every afternoon or so quickly when I get home, and then when I have more time in the evenings I’ll come back and write something good, save it in drafts, and post it the next morning before I go catch my bus. Then, everyone will get one quick post at night and one decent post during their lunch break or whenever they happened to check their email.

By Fabio

A-Kon and Vocaloids

So hey! I’ve been gone a long time and I really missed blogging. It was fun talking to DD and S14, and Bookaddict, and everyone else! But…now that I’m here and back, I can’t think of anything to write. Let’s see…

Oh! I’ve been listening to a lot of Bowling for Soup and Vocaloids lately! If you don’t know what a Vocaloid is, click here. My favorite Vocaloid, who is technically a Yandeloid (a specific type of Vocaloid…there are a lot of different groups, so you also have to pay attention to what category the Vocaloid is in) is Taito Shion. 


A-Kon (yes, it is spelled with a K) is an anime convention where a bunch of anime nerds get together with their money and buy a whole bunch of anime stuff, enter cosplay contests, and just have fun seeing all the anime and manga they can buy! It’s like a huge gathering of the ultimate anime fans.

Well, until recently, I had no way of going to A-Kon 2012. I had asked my mom if I could go with a group of girls and her mom, but my mom said no because she didn’t know this  other mom personally. Then, since A-Kon is on June 1st-3rd (only a week after my birthday), I asked if she would take us and pay for the hotel for my birthday present. I knew it was asking a lot and I really thought the answer would be no, but she talked to my dad and they decided it would be AWESOME AND REALLY EXTRA SUPER FUN for Casey, Trystan, and possibly my friend Andi who I mentioned here and here. 



I couldn’t believe my ears. Had my brain malfunctioned? Was one of the Cleos in the hearing department sleeping on the job again? (They tend to do that you know, because if I scratch the inside of my ear I go “deaf” [kind of but not really] until I scratch it the right way again) NOPE! The hearing Cleos were perfectly awake and checking all of the sound systems just to be sure. They even replayed the recording of my mom saying, “Your dad and I decided it would be fun for you and your friends to go to A-Kon with me as a chaperon.”

“Big” Cleo paused and was speechless. The hearing Cleos burst into the Brain Offices and screamed, “THEY SAID YES!” The entire office jumped for joy! Every cubicle, every track runner, and ever single Cleo in the voting room YELLED AND SCREAMED.

This caused “Big” Cleo to jump up and down and glomp her mommy.  Mommy didn’t like it though, so we unfortunately had to sit still. 

On a completely unrelated subject, the hearing department Cleos have speakers set up around the brain so that every office can hear what’s going on. They work with the audio stuff to make sure nothing malfunctions.

Back to A-Kon. If you want to know who I’ll be cosplaying, here’s a link to his information and personality stuff:

And here are a few pictures of him:


And for the record, no my jacket will not be open. That’s just gross considering I’m a girl (and not a whore). =_= 

But to get my hair like Taito’s and not have to buy a wig (the tickets to A-Kon cost $50 [might have already mentioned that] and to get his coat and pants it’s about $80) since that is one of the most expensive parts, my mom suggested we just cut and permanently dye my hair since I like it short and wanted to dye it purple anyways.


Casey will be cosplaying Zeito, Taito’s younger brother. Well, we’re not entirely sure yet, because right now just getting the ticket is hard for Casey since her parents rarely pay her allowance when she does her  and her brother’s chores. So, we think we’ll be lucky if we can get Casey to come with us so she might not cosplay. But if she does, this is who she’ll be:


Trystan will be cosplaying Taito and Zeito’s older brother, Akaito. I know Trystan has enough money for her ticket, but it’s a matter of how she’ll get the cosplay. Trystan’s changed her mind like a million times so she needs to pick one since the Kon is only 2 months away. (It’s the first three days of June, so we don’t even have  three months). But this is Akaito:


I haven’t talked to Andi about cosplaying and whatnot, but I know that she’s either going with her older sister or she’s looking for a ride. I have Health with her today, so I’m going to ask her about A-Kon and stuff then.

Well, that’s why I was so excited and happy today. Casey and I were buzzing about A-Kon in between our random talks in the brief three-four minutes we see each other in the hallway. Oh, I almost forgot!

If you want to hear Taito, Zeito, and Akaito sing, here are links to some of their songs:

Taito: You:

Zeito: Butterfly On Your Right Shoulder:

Akaito: Butterfly On Your Right Shoulder:

Welp, thanks for reading, hope to hear from you soon, and glad to be back!



By Fabio