Lilly: The Laziest, Most Spoiled, Diva Cat

‎*Studying on bed*
Lilly, my fat cat, is staring at me. She KNOWS that I’d rather pet her soft squishy belly. I know she wants me to. I throw something across the room to distract her. She doesn’t even BLINK. After a few more minutes of silence when I’m sure my cat is possessed by a demon and won’t quit glaring at me, she jumps onto the bed. I jump a little as she lands next to me and starts rubbing her neck on the laptop’s edge.

Then, she licks my hand to see if I’ll pet her THEN. Nope. She almost has no chance. ALMOST. Then after she’s tried licking, she starts biting. After biting comes clawing, and after clawing comes full on attacking.

I scratch her behind the ear for a second and she relaxes. She plops down next to my legs and curls up around them.
It’s as if she’s saying, “That’s all I wanted. Geez, couldn’t spare a SECOND could you? You know, I think somewhere in your head you’ve moved on. Did you start getting attached to that mangy orange stray down the street, Juice?! I knew there was another kitteh! How could you do this to me?! I’m your best cat friend and…”
I know if she was a talking cat, she’d rant for hours.

Sayonara! -Cleo

P.S. I’ve decided to post every afternoon or so quickly when I get home, and then when I have more time in the evenings I’ll come back and write something good, save it in drafts, and post it the next morning before I go catch my bus. Then, everyone will get one quick post at night and one decent post during their lunch break or whenever they happened to check their email.

By Fabio

2 comments on “Lilly: The Laziest, Most Spoiled, Diva Cat

    • There was a lot of text and about six pictures. XD Sorry, I hope your phone comes out the hospital alright! Tell his family I wish them luck with all the worry…you know, what with your phones seizure and all.

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