So What? (RAGE POST #1)

Hi all! Sorry to be late and not post this morning, but I was busy last night with anime and such activities! Anyways, here’s the afternoon’s RAGE POST! I know these are supposed to be the short ones and the long ones in the morning, but this one thing happened at school today that got me really ticked off. Now you’ve been acquainted with RAGE POSTS: posts that come in at random times without the schedule because something got me really mad. Here we go…

My friends, Chelsea and Jezzie, were talking to me on the track a couple days ago. As a group of “ghetto” (acting ghetto when not really IN the ghetto or tough enough to BE in a ghetto) girls passed us they snickered and whispered, “Lesbian!” We had no idea who they were talking about since there was a whole group of girls surrounding us.

Finally, after a couple weeks, Chelsea came clean: “Hey, Cleo?” She asked one day while we were jogging. “Yeah?” I wondered, out of breath.

Chelsea said in a rush, “When they said ‘Lesbian!’ the other day, I knew they were talking about you. It was the day you were sick, and they were all being gossipy. They said something about you hugging another girl in the hallway and how you dress or something…”

Of course I wasn’t mad at Chelsea. She’s really nice, never cusses, and is polite and happy to practically anyone. I was just frustrated that they would go and stereotype someone so quickly like that.

No, I’m not a lesbian, but what would be the big deal if I was one? Is there something so wrong about liking girls instead of guys? It’s like this comic I found:

They made a big deal about that, eh? I still don’t understand the problem. Girls and girls can work together just as well as guys and girls, heck, probably even better since they can understand the other. But still, my question stands: what of it? Who cares if someone else likes the same gender? It’s not like they’ll have a crush on you after you’ve been such a buttface.

Then, we were playing tee-ball today on the track (you know, the grassy middle part). I got to second base and one of those black girls that was in the outfield near me said, “Hey BriBri* I’m just gonna step over here for a second. Ya know, I be right back so we can talk ’bout hurr some more!”

*BriBri is not an actual name. It was just something like that that they say…like a girl named TayTay.

They were clearly within my hearing range and might have meant for me to listen. Whatever. The point was, as soon as I got on to the third base, the “ghetto” girl went back over there with “BriBri”.

Then, whilst changing in the locker room, I started to sing 1985 by Bowling for Soup. Apparently this is not something they approve of.  They whispered something, then exploded in laughter. “You hear hurr singing to hurrself? And I think she said-” they said, as they left.

They want to stereotype? FINE. Do it to me, just not the friend I hugged in the hallway.


By Fabio

7 comments on “So What? (RAGE POST #1)

      • All right. Your other options:
        1. Complain about them to teacher
        2. If you don’t want to do that, start whispering about them.
        or, you can just punch ’em in the face.
        in the middle
        the nose.

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