For my English Language Arts binder, we have to make Pandora’s Box. We have to make the outside look irresistible, fill it with eight of what we think are society’s greatest evils today, and write a poem about greed I think. Well that’s one right there! Bahaha, this is going to be easy. For my eight evils, I have:

  1. Pride
  2. Greed
  3. Jealousy
  4. Hatred

Not trying to steal anybody’s creativity here, but it’d be cool if someone could get me on the right track? No one has to just give me the answer straight out (unless you want to! LOL no, don’t give me any answers at all please) but get me headed in a specific direction?

Thanks and sayonara,



By Fabio

3 comments on “Ideas?

  1. Um, let’s see here…

    Pride: A small mirror

    Greed: I dunno, a big bag of coins?

    Jealousy: I have no idea, maybe a nice love note to a girl with the girl’s name crossed out and written in another’s handwriting another girl’s name, and maybe in the same handwriting a little note going, “Stupid —- doesn’t deserve you, why can’t you be miiine??”

    Hatred: pic of someone with their face scratched out, stabbed by a knife, and insults across the pic.

    I really think u should include lust. It’s a huge prob. Don’t know what u should use for that though. Oh, look up the 7 deadly sins; I’m not religious but they may really give u some ideas.

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