Tis true! The last day of May is tomorrow, so we’ll manage to get 52 posts by the end of just this month. I’m so proud of myself!

Like I just said in the last post, Trevor wanted to call me. Am I a mean person for not wanting to? And not wanting to text? And not wanting contact with the outside world?

Let’s take another trip to…


So yeah. Here we are again. The setup of my mind might change a little each time, but oh well.

The voting board thingy majig seems to have it’s own little country. The Checkmarks and the X’s get into really heated discussions until Blue Shirted Neutral Cleo can step up. Here’s the one they had about:

Texting/Calling/Communication in General!

The RED Cleos are the against side, and the GREEN Cleos are the for side!

We need time and space without people interfering. We have a complex mind that the rest of the world doesn’t understand. >.>

Well, maybe if we were more open about it we wouldn’t be so complex! Besides, we didn’t get to see Trevor or Casey at all today! We miss them!

Oh c’mon. That’s a load of crap. You know you’re nervous when you talk to Trevor!

Doesn’t mean it won’t get better if we keep talking! Which YOU took away from us today!

ME?! That was because of the final exam schedules today!

Easy. We avoid him at all costs. It’s what we normally do with people everywhere! Why wouldn’t it work now?!

Because Trevor is NICE! We’re not gonna make Trevor feel bad, now ARE WE?!

We dunno. We just want to make ourselves happy.

UGH! You immature butt faces! Don’t you see that what you do affects everyone else as well?! If you stop talking to Trevor and just avoid him at all costs, eventually he’s just going to hate you. You LIKE HIM. Remember?!

…shut up…

*Blue Cleo enters with final decision*

ENOUGH! I’ve picked what we’re going to do! It’s time for us to grow up and be a man! Err…woman. We’ll talk to Trevor when we’re not feeling stupid and if we are, we tell the truth that we’re busy with something else! Problem solved!

*applause ripples through the Cleos*


Trevor wants to hang out and go places this summer, but we’ve got a babysitting job with adorable little Gianni next door! WHAT DO WE DO?!?!

We obviously tell Gianni’s mother that we’re busy that day.

WHAT?! No! That would hurt Gianni since he loves you! We tell Trevor to bug off and continue with our work.

This is a fairly easy decision. We tell Trevor that we’re busy when he asks what we’re doing from the normal babysitting hours, and during the day we can go places with him, Casey, Trystan, and Ryan until it’s time to go. Simple plan= COMPLETE!

*more applause*

I’m not sure I’m completely happy with either of those choices, but they seem to be the best ones. Maybe the readers have something different? HELP! 



By Fabio


People don’t understand! Gah! When I have a book, when that book is open, when my head is IN said book, DO NOT TALK TO ME! I’m trying to enjoy this world in peace and quiet!

It is true I have the ability to focus only on the book and blur the rest of Earth, but that doesn’t mean I’m blind and deaf. I can see you kicking my foot. I can hear you yelling in my ear! I chose to stay inside said book!

I got it for my birthday. I love it! It’s such a good story and I’m only on page 267 of 531! I have so much to go and so much time on my hands! MWAHAHAHA! NO MORE SCHOOL AFTER TOMORROW!!

Then I get to be a bookworm. 

The problem is: everyone else.

Trevor texts me. A LOT. I like talking to him and all…BUT DUDE. I have THINGS to do! Sure, I’d love to talk! Not now. Not when I showed you my book in school! I like alone time. >.> The same with Casey and Trystan.

I love talking to those guys! Honestly! But I want to be…a loner! That’s the word. Ha, that’d be a trait for me in the Sims 3!


Tonight he was wondering if I would call him. I told Trevor that maybe, since I was already playing a compooter game with Jezzie, and he said ok. Ten minutes later…

“U done yet?”

NO! I wanna be nice…but I get angry when I’m interrupted. 

I need a shield. I need protection and deflection! 

I made a funny.



By Fabio

Socks and Sandals


Don’t socks defy the purpose of sandals? Sandals are meant to keep your feet cool and open. Socks are sticky and confining. NO! BAD SOCKS! STAY AWAY FROM MY SANDALS!

Sorry I’m being short. I don’t feel very good and I’ve been watching too much anime.



By Fabio


(excuse all the typos! I’m on my mom’s iPhone trying to write this in a restaurant)
We went to BJs, one of my most favorite restaraunts, for Randy’s birthday! They have the best pizzas in the world here. I wish I could curl up in one and live inside the crust.


By Fabio

If I Was a Blank (#1)

If I was a blank…

…Adventure Time character.

Physical Shtuffs

  • Purple hair
  • Black colorless eyes like the others.
  • Dark red (maroon) wings
  • ^^Same color horns

Clothing and junk

  • Torn black shirt
  • Faded grey skinny jeans
  • knee-high purple boots with heels
  • brown leather vest

Catch phrases/quotes

  • “Let’s get colorful!”
  • “I’m ready for anything! Bring on the challenge!”
  • “Ugh…let’s just get this over with!”




By Fabio


Yeah, I haven’t REALLY posted all weekend. Sorreh! But these are a bunch of polls for the Tangerines (my sims 3 blog) so if you read it please vote. Thanks.


By Fabio


Sup guys? Well, I decided to play the Sims 3 today. Since the heiress poll isn’t done til tomorrow and it’s a dead tie, I figured I’d post some bonus pictures on the Tangerine facebook page! Click this link to see it! No pictures yet, but there will be! Also this post will be updated around 5 tonight as the afternoon Sunday post. See ya then!


Check out the two new photo albums for the Tangerine Facebook page here~

Sorry it’s not long or anything, but I really need some sleep and definitely some food. I’m starving over here!



By Fabio

Poem Sunday (Number SEVEN!)


With every being, there is something inside their soul.

It glows, fades, and sometimes dies out-

It’s called a soul.

There are few whose are perfect and many are broken.

A couple have gone corrupt.

Everyone’s has a crack or break, whether it be big or small,

crooked or straight,

it’s the one flaw we’ve all collected.

Still, though,

we continue to glow and shine.

There’s a uniqueness in all of them.

It may be the color, the shape, or the density, but it’s there.

Sometimes, you have to let your’s grow and transform…

…to break the mold.

By Fabio

The Thingy

The dance thingy was fun. The End- since nothing really happened and it was boring as usual.



By Fabio


I never really use punctuation in the titles…but today is worth it. 

‘Member Trevor? The one we sat with during the talent show?


I told you I liked John a while ago but I gave up on him because he became really jerk-y and then I liked Trevor (for like 3 months counting before I liked John but then I liked John and then I came back to Trevor because Trevor’s really awesome). I asked Casey to see if he liked anyone and she said that if he said yes she knew it would be me because we are the only girls Trevor ever talks to and she’s dating Rob and Trevor doesn’t think of her that way. So I was bugging her to tell me what Trevor said.

She wouldn’t tell me and then she told Rob and I got REALLY fluster-y. Rob said the first letter equaled P+T which I didn’t understand so he just came out and said it because he didn’t make a promise to Trevor not to tell.  Trevor likes me.

So I got all ecstatic and jumpy and I practically killed Casey with a monster hug and then I hugged Rob too because I was just all~ spazzy. Then I slightly turned my head and guess who was behind me:


I screeched and bolted through the hallway and onto the bus. I even ran faster than Casey which is saying something since she’s like the fastest kid in our entire school counting the lower grade. She yelled after me, “CLEO!” but I didn’t stop going. Then I got on the bus.

*insert bus noises on going home here*

When the bus dropped me off I couldn’t stop running. I ran all the way home and up here to my room. No, I don’t have time for punctuation and that explains all the run-on sentences.

None of my friends read my blog so I can say stuff here that I might die if they heard. Not because I don’t trust them, just ‘cuz I don’t want them to~ I’M SHY!!





By Fabio

Chain Mail

“take a deep breath
2. think of someone u like
3. press F10 5 times
4. send this to 5 coments
5. look at ur background.”


I’ve done it before, looked like an idiot, spammed my friends, and NOTHING HAPPENS. Don’t be fooled by the misspelled text language! It’s not legit. This is crap, that’s what it is. 

Why do people even do those? Everyone knows they’re fake yet the whole world seems to like commenting on your stuff. 

I get like 10 of these a day. ALL FROM THE SAME PERSON. Her name is Shelly.  Shelly the annoying person. You see, Shelly and I have a history. Let’s look into that, shall we?

In, I dunno, fifth grade, Shelly was very friendly and so was I. We hung out, had the same recess, and we were friends. Then, came sixth grade.

After knowing her for a year, Shelly decided, “I’ll be myself…ALL AT ONCE!” She was hyper. More hyper than any normal person should ever be. Also, she made fun of my name (supposedly in a friendly way). Well, I hated it. Every time we got a report card they came back with our full names on them. Mine read, “Cleo Augustina E.”, but with the last name.

Shelly thought it was absolfreakin’lutely HILARIOUS that my middle name sounded a little bit like a month. She called me many a-names. These are a few:

  • Leafy
  • Leaf Head
  •  Augustus
  • Augy
  • Tina…Leaf! Tina Leaf.
  • Gusty Winds
  • Oo-gus-tina
  • Augustina in a very manly voice

Now what annoys me about Shelly is that two years later she still calls me:

  • Oo-gus-tina
  • Augustina in a very manly voice
  • Leaf Head
  • Tina Leaf

I don’t even understand how she gets a kick out of the last one. Seriously Shelly? You think it’s oh-so-comical to call me “Tina Leaf”?

It’s VERY frustrating. I do my best to ignore her and it works most of the time.

Like one day! She was yelling behind me, “Leaf Head! Oo-gus-tina! Hey hey hey!” Finally I yelled to her behind me, “I’m not going to answer until you call me my first name.”

She said, “Hey Cleo!” I asked her, “Yes?”


“You wanna race down the hallway, Leaf Head?”

“Get away, Shelly.”~Is what I wanted to say.

Anyone ever call you an annoying nickname? Believe me, I’ve heard EVERY ONE for Augustina, anything people can come up with for Cleo, and everything for my last name I’d prefer not to share.



By Fabio

New Post Button >.<

if you see your main tab bar thingy up there (as lon gas you have a WordPress account) then you can see the “New Post” button. I loathe it. I absofreakinlutely cannot stand it. I feel like I’m missing something and WordPress is hiding itself from me. How do i know what’s up there? It won’t let me scroll!

Something must be done about this.

Y’know they’re going to change it so you can only see your view count thingy from the actual WordPress website? I seriously hope they don’t take that stupid button and make it the only way to ever post anything.


(I clicked the insert image button twice and it gave me TWO puppies! I betcha can’t do that with the stupid button! HA!)


By Fabio

(Ep. 2) What Would Happen If…

  1. Cars had ladders coming out of them that led to rooms on top?
  2. Everyone was shrunken down to doll house size and all plastic animal toys became real?

I fantasized about that a lot as a kid. My mom, dad, brother and I would all climb up the leg of the doll house table. My dad would force the hard-to-move sliding doors open and we’d step inside. 

We made all this clay food as little kids and stocked the kitchens. I always loved being a chef and cooking things! It was fun for me to create and have everyone enjoy them! The kitchen turned out to be my favorite part and still is today. There’s no way I’m ever giving that doll house up.

Anyway, the plastic buckets we had filled with ferocious toy zoo animals would come to life. The barrel of red plastic monkeys would use each other to swing outside and cause mayhem in the game room. Randy always wanted on of those monkeys, but they ended up clawing him in the face. 

I’d ride the lion, who would strangely like only me, and my mom would befriend the fairy doll. Dad would become close to Robbie’s old G.I.-Joes, which would teach him how to shoot a gun and handy dandy stuff like that.

As one of the panthers decided I’d be its next meal, Randy would come swinging in on his huge stuffed plush monkey and knock it over. I’d applaud and get on top of the monkey’s back behind him and off we’d go! Swinging down the railing of the stairs on plush is always fun. 

There were always some monsters, some nice creatures, and then it was just fun to go sliding down the toy doll house slide. I really wanted to drop down and be so tiny my whole life.

We’d get the mini DVD player and use it like a movie theater. Popcorn would be giant sized! Mmmmm, popcorn…the best food ever!!

Anyway, did you ever want to be a different size? Giant? Tiny? Just a few feet in difference?



By Fabio


I don’t know how much more I can take of it! It’s humid, dry and there’s absolutely not a cloud in the sky to even SLIGHTLY block the stupid sun. I hate complaining and people who complain about everything, but I’m too sweaty, disgusting, and burning to care right now.

Also, Coach P. let the boys play basketball inside while ALL the girls had to walk three laps around the track (which is a quarter of a mile in total length, so in all we walked 3/4 of a mile) in the sun. No water bottles allowed.

Thanks, thanks a lot coach. We definitely loved it.



By Fabio


So about them. Do they make you work faster to beat them and get a lot more work done, or do you like it better when you can relax and do things whenever you want?

I’m somewhere in the middle because I do hate to be rushed but if I don’t have some motivation, I’ll end up procrastinating until the end of time.  

This comes up because Trystan has lent me her most prized possessions: her Devil May Cry manga, TriGun manga, and Devil May Cry anime disc set. I absolutely could not thank her enough, but she’s been pressuring me a lot lately to finish. I did finish all the manga (which was about 10-13 books!) in a week but I never found time for the anime!!

I panicked and watched two/four episodes tonight. Trystan gave me until the end of this week to finish which I think I’ll be able to manage. I just find it utterly unpleasant to have a set time to finish something! Not that I don’t find the anime interesting, honestly it’s one of my favorites so far. Get Backers is somewhere up there and I absolutely LOOOOVE the Death Note and Bakuman style (since they’re done by the same artists and writers) so when I do watch the anime I think I’ll fall in love with it too. So much anime to watch! I’m not a big fan of shojo manga/anime, so not many of them made my top list. 

Now that I think about it, I do love Naruto. Not only because it was my first EVER anime to watch, but I like seeing the characters develop and grow stronger.

Still DMC is way up on the list. It’s freakin’ fantastic. Another I like is called Hetalia: Axis Powers. Canada! He’s my favorite from there. 

Oh great, now I’m getting started for an anime rant. This could last a night! I better get back on topic…

Deadlines! I can’t stand ’em, but I don’t think I’d ever get anything finished if I didn’t have them in my life. What about you? How do you like/deal with deadlines? Music helps me relax and get work done, but I often get distracted and sing along.



By Fabio

ROAR- The Way A Real Monster Sounds

I feel pretty irate today. It might something to do with the constant appearance of the word “rawr”. Yes, it is supposed the be cute and adorable, but let me point out something:

Have you ever seen the movie Jurassic Park? When they say “rawr” it does not mean “I love you!” It means, “I’M GOING TO FREAKING EAT YOU!”

Also, Lilly randomly decided to sit next to me…on my cell phone. Her whole butt is covering my cell phone which is set to vibrate. Andi just texted me and her whole butt shook.




By Fabio

Parental Units

How parents see it:

These are them. The people who raised us, clothed us, fed us, and taught us how not to poop in our pants. How do we thank them? As teenagers we get mood swings, weird ideas, and think we’re right and they’re wrong about everything. Maybe we should let up on them.

How we see it:

As we get older, we become smarter. They still think we don’t know how to not poop in our pants. Mom and Dad believe we still need guidance and that we can’t tell what’s right and wrong any more than when we were seven.

Too bad they’re wrong.

Since we are older and smarter, we recognize the rules of life. No private information on the internet! No going in strangers’ cars! Stay away from drugs and alcohol! No, no, no!

They keep enforcing it even though we’ve been hearing all this since we could talk. Don’t they think enough is enough? We’ve heard it all before, so by now we’re not even listening and it’s just a buzz in the back of our heads. That doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten. It means we don’t care anymore!

Honestly! You’ve been shoving it all down our throats in one big pile every day! We’ve been eating the same plate of vegetables for over a decade now. I think we know what it tastes like.

Impartial third part view:

Kids all believe they have never done anything wrong. They see it as, “Oh, my brother did most of it so I’m in the clear,” and, “I’m just as smart as Mom and Dad! I’ve been through high school! Heck, I don’t think they could go a day as me!”

Newsflash: they already have. Sure, everything was cleaner, nicer, and actually school appropriate then, but they were still shoved around and bullies have always existed.

Parents think that their kids don’t have any sense of direction and are wild animals. They see it as, “My child did something wrong! I bet they forgot ALL their manners and must be taught continuously!” and, “I don’t think Timmy gets it. I work hard for him but he always acts like life is sooo hard. I already went through that and look at me! I turned out just fine!”

Newsflash: were you happy in high school? No, I don’t think so. No one is. It’s when everyone starts being judgmental and picking out who’s cool and who’s a geek. Their schools are rougher than when you went. If someone’s mad at you, they don’t steal your lunch money. They steal your eye sight and give you a pair of broken glasses.

Maybe if parents actually did live a day as their teen, they’d see how overwhelming everything is. You’ve got homework, school work, friend time, trying to squeeze in alone time, getting sleep, and the smallest thing most kids pay attention to: relieving stress. They build up all these emotions and don’t get an outlet. So why do you think we argue way too much and get mad over the small stuff? It’s not freakin’ hormones! It’s everything we have to go through to try and keep you happy as parents and ourselves happy as students. 

Maybe if kids actually did live a day as their parent, they’d see how overwhelming everything is. You’ve got bills to pay, that important paper your boss wants done, dinner, keeping everything clean, making sure you’re on time for everything, trying to go to the gym to be “skinnier”, and the smallest thing most adults pay attention to: relieving stress. They gather up all this worrying and panicking and don’t get an outlet. So why do you think they ask you to do small things and get furious when you ask one teensy question about it? It’s not a mid-life crisis! It’s everything they have to go through to try and make sure you’re happy AND healthy and keep away all those increasing worry lines. 

This is a message to everyone:

Lighten up on your kids once in a while. They’re not your punching bag! Sure, they frustrate you and don’t want to do what you say, but in the end they realize it’s the right thing to do. Scream into a pillow like kids do! It’s okay to be weird and a freaky parent who actually RELEASES their rage! Kids think it’s funny! 

Leave your parents alone every now and then. Yeah, you’ve got chores and school and homework too, but they’ve got the more serious stuff. You do know how good you have it, right? You’re sitting at a computer reading this! That’s gotta be worth something! Hm, I wonder who paid for your desktop and room and bed and clothes and glasses and braces and books and lighting and running water and heat and pencils and flu shots (yuck!) and to get your cavities filled? How did they get that stuff? They go to work 8 hours a day, same as you go to school. They’re going through the same stuff, only on a bigger scale. Don’t do your homework as an adult? YOU’RE FIRED. Forget to pay a bill? NO HEAT/LIGHTING/WATER. It’s THAT serious! 

In conclusion, all of you! Understand that you’re not the only one with stress! EVERY SINGLE PERSON IN YOUR FAMILY HAS IT! Whether it’s evident or not, it’s what’s under the skin. If they start yelling at you for no particular reason, that’s how they’re getting rid of a little worry at a time. Let ’em yell! You be the bigger person and take your frustration out on a mattress. 



By Fabio

Poem Sunday (Number 6!)

I’m almost certain I haven’t published this one before, so here it is.

By the way, I’m not suicidal!! This is for school because we had to make a poem about the worst thing we could think of.



Sitting Still

Why am I made of lead?

How did I become this way


left out

I can hear the crying

feel the screams

see the pain

but I am frozen

my body can’t take a step

raise an arm

inch a leg forward

the people I care for

are bleeding


and becoming destroyed

Why do I not reach a hand out

to them

or try to grab my loved ones

from the depths of the devouring abyss?

Because my bones are made of metal

my skin is created from wood

and my heart is as black

as the endless darkness waiting

below to grab me.

My friends, family, sisters,

all of them;

they have been silently

picked off

one by one

and none of them prevail

but me.

Why keep me here, lords of hatred, creatures of destiny?

I cannot survive when I know

I could have stopped this treachery

I could have let them live.

I despise myself.

This is why the knife comes down.

This is why the blade slits my throat.

This is why the cold hands

of death have grabbed me now on my own accord.

But somehow,

I am still here

in the window of my prison,

staring out the frosted window,

cowering in fear,

as I watch from this glass jail

my beloved ones

be disposed of.

By Fabio

Dear Relatives:

This is my birthday list. Abide by it like the law! 

I’m just kidding! But seriously, parents, cousins, aunts, uncles, if you ever get a hold of this…this is what I would PREFER for my birthday. HINT HINT.

But birthdays aren’t about presents. I’ll be happy just to get a card! At least you’ve remembered! 😀



  1. Nero (DMC4) Beanie
  2. Insurgent
  3. Colored Pencils
  4. Giant Sketchpad (either size is fine)
  5. Sketching Pencils
  6. Sagaru Yamazaki Figure
  7. Set of 12 Colored Sharpies
  8. Lynx Plush
  9. Shocking Gag Gum
  10. Ty Beanie Wolf Plush
By Fabio