Sorreh to have been absent so long, but I was without a computer and I wasn’t about to use Randy’s, my mom’s, or my dad’s. I like my privacy.

By the title, you can most likely guess what this is about. INTERRUPTIONS.

Every time I seem to make a break through in a story, drawing, or whatever I suddenly have to:

  • Play Minecraft with Randy
  • Clean my room
  • Clean the house
  • Clean the sidewalk
  • Clean the car
  • Clean the street
  • Clean the neighborhood
  • Clean the city
  • Clean the state
  • Clean the country

No, I don’t really have that much cleaning to do. But it seems to be the most common notification of work I get. Anyways, lots of people have been intruding on my sentences too.


*Trying to read in the bleachers before school*

Cleo: *is half way through book and addicted*

Friend Jaime: “Hey Cleo! Oh my gosh, I’m so tired this morning. I really just want to take a nap. Hey come sit by me!”

Cleo: “Huh? Whaa-?” *is in reading daze*

Friend Jaime: “Come sit by me!”

Cleo (thinking): Didn’t I sit with you every day for the past month?

Cleo: “Umm…well, I really wanted to read this book and should be finished soon, so I’ll sit by you tomorrow.”

Friend Jaime: >.>

Cleo: *slowly and guiltily turns back to book*

This happens almost every day. And of course Jaime’s my friend and she’s really fun to talk to and everything, but I have lots to read in the mornings! Plus, I’m not really talkative then either. I’d really rather sleep-read until class starts, but Jaime has other plans.

Not only when I’m reading does this happen though. It’s when I’m talking too.


Cleo: “I started singing one of the Vocaloid songs in the car once and-”

Andi: “Ohmygawd did you hear about the new Vocaloid3 program?!”

Cleo: “Um, yeah, you told me yesterday. Anywho, so we were in the car and I was-”

Andi: “They have a BRITISH one. His name is Oliver and he sings really well and he blah blah blah blah…etc.”



Of course I love Jaime and Andi, but they cannot leave me alone. DX

Jaime also seems to need my homework a lot. A LOT, a lot.I have absolutely no problem helping a friend, but can’t she do some work on her own? Algebra is not that hard.

I mean, just look how easy this is!

SUPER easy, right?

I’m just kiddin’, what we have to do is much more simple. I actually think that problem was in another language. Just look at the characters!

But after being interrupted constantly, I’m finally happy to have my blog back. It’s so much easier to be able to write whatever I want in this big box and THEN hear feedback and jokes and stuff. I get to finish my sentences! Yay!

But I have a point. Yesterday I was thinking how many things can go wrong when people interrupt each other.


Person 1: “Help! Help! There’s a fire-“

911 Operator: “We’ll be right over to your house sir. Don’t move!” -line goes dead-

P1: “-on the other side of town!”

Friend 1: “So my wife’s having a baby-“


Friend 1: “-in about five months…”

Mass Murderer: *is trying to read book about where to store dead bodies*

Annoying person: “So, how’s it going? Life’s great isn’t it? Boy I can’t wait for cookies! You know what I love? CATS! They’re so soft and adorable! But they’re not nearly as cute as fish! I mean, look at the way they’re little cheeks glub! When they’ve got both cheeks puffed out it looks like they swallowed a peanut! Sometimes I want to hug trees! Would they hug me back?! I think so! I also want a pet monkey! Then we could swing from buildings together and just enjoy the sunset! Did Curious George ever really exist? I bet the man in the yellow hat did! I bet that story was based off of junebugs! Why, you ask? Oh because junebugs are just the most adorable things in the world! And even more adorable than that are small ferocious lions! I’d like to eat a steak right about now! You want one friend? I think you do! C’mon, c’mon, c’mon! Tell me you want a steak!” *nudge nudge*

Mass Murderer: “Ah, now I know how to cover the stench of dead people. I think I know my first victim.” <.<

Annoying person: “Who, little ol’ me? Well I doubt I could die because I ate bananas this morning! Aren’t bananas great?! They’re super delicious like dogs! Dogs taste like pigs and pigs taste like pork! Do you think that’s a coincidence?”

Mass Murderer: *BANG!* “Well, got my victim. Now to get a body bag.”

I don’t think the world would be very populated if guys like Annoying person interrupted Mass Murderer‘s reading.

I’ll be back later today and try to keep on my old schedule! Hopefully you enjoyed this lunch’s post!



By Fabio

4 comments on “Interrupting!

  1. Yay, Cleo! You’re back!

    And I *hate* it when people do that. My carpool/friend does that *all the time*. She started taking ADHD medication and it stopped for a while, but she literally interrupted me 5 times in the car the other day and even interrupted my dad twice, all in the course of a thirty minute car ride. And I hate it when people interrupt me when I’m reading!

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