Everything costs it. Why can’t it all be free? When I was younger, I saw nothing wrong with everyone taking how much they needed and not having to pay anything. The world didn’t need cash or wars over it. So why’d we all pay?

Now I see that it’s because no one would work if they weren’t rewarded. Well, maybe that’s bogus. Why don’t people just help for the good of humanity? It still makes little sense.

Oh, and I saw a butterfly on my window today. Benjamin tried to eat it through the glass. It twas funny.



By Fabio

5 comments on “Money

    • Yeah! The medieval days were the best. You could trade pigs for cows. Everything was nice and even, and stinkin’ Twizzlers weren’t overpriced.

      • People were also dieing all over the place and women were popping out millions of affair babies and I’m pretty sure twizzlers didn’t exist… But trading would be awesome. So much easier! I once had a daydream that we payed for everything with rocks… Right after my daydream about having a pet bird who’s poop would turn into money as soon as it touched the bottem of the cage… I was in the money sort of mood.

      • Well, singer14, obviously I wouldn’t want to go back to when women were thought of the lesser halves and most people never lived over age 45, we’re just saying it was a nice concept of trading instead of having to spend over two years saving for a computer (and this is drawing from experience here).

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