Movies and Books (RANT!)


It seems like the world’s run out of ideas for them. The most common type of movie I see now in the theater is one based off a book. Sure, those are all find and dandy, if they’re done right. Like the Hunger Games…it was mostly correct except for a few parts like:

  • When Katniss got her pin.
  • Haymitch should have been more drunk.
  • The mayor of District 12 and his family weren’t even in the movie.
  • It didn’t explain how to wolfy-dogs in the end were supposed to be like genetic replicas of the other dead tributes.

Those are just a few things I remember since I saw the movie the weekend it came out and I read the book about two years ago. My point is, yes it’s nice when you make books into movies, but I want to see it done right.

One movie that continues to irk me to this day was Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief. That was the name, right? I loved those books and hated the movie. No wonder they didn’t make a sequel. All I remember of what they did wrong:

  • Annabeth’s hair was BLONDE. Her eyes were GREY. Jack-
  • I think Percy’s eyes were blue in the movie when they were green in the books.
  • They did NOT go on a journey to find the orb thingies. They were given to them in the end. They went on that whole journey to find Zeus’s lightning bolt. 

Sometimes, I get these really awesome story ideas (or, I think they’re awesome…). I plan it out, start to write it, and then realize that it would be better as a movie. So, I start to make it into a script. I fail at making scripts. I CANNOT fit all the emotion and little things that matter into a script. It sucks. It sucks minivans. 

Anyways, I think I have a point here. Some movies can do it, others can’t. So maybe if they got the director of the Hunger Games to do every movie, the world would be ok. But instead, they have crappy directors like Percy Jackson’s making stuff like that. THAT stuff. I do not want to stand for it.

I hope you at least some-what enjoyed my pointless rage (I couldn’t think of much to write…I didn’t do a lot today and I was bored, so Minecraft came to the rescue).



By Fabio

14 comments on “Movies and Books (RANT!)

  1. You spoke my exact thoughts on both of those movies. Percy Jackson wasn’t even close to the book-GROVER WAS BRAVE IN THE MOVIE WHAT THE HECK.
    I thought Hunger Games was well done, though. You’re right.

    • Thanks! Glad to agree with you! Yeah, the Percy Jackson movie just…it was horrible. I never want to watch it again. The part that aggravated me too though was that everyone who hadn’t read the books LOVED it. My brother wanted to see it three or four times.

  2. But what I don’t understand about the Percy Jackson movie is – well, everything, but two major things. 1.) It was directed by Chris Columbus, the guy who directed the first two Harry Potter movies, AKA the only halfway decent ones. And 2.) They’re making the sequel. When I first saw it and its horribleness I thought, “Oh, well, okay, there is absolutely NO WAY they can make SoM.” BUT THEY ARE.

      • The book was great and the movie… *shivers* Like, I suppose it was good for what it was, maybe, but I read the book long before I saw the movie and they’re so unspeakably different it’s truly laughable.

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