Poem Sunday (Number 3 AND 4)

A Sudden Fall

One moment high, the next low.

Life can be a wave of everything you don’t want.

Finally accepted,

Then dropped.

Falling from the edge of a cliff trying to smile.

Going down, down, down.

Nothing can stop it.

Eventually, you can rest; you’ve been caught.

You can hang there and laugh about your misfortunes,

But eventually you’ll snap and plummet again.

Nothing is worse than feeling safe

And suddenly being let go.


Everything stays and nothing changes.

It’s as if time froze and the world stopped spinning.

No papers fly by in the breeze,

No dreams go farther and beyond your wildest imagination.

It seems average, it appears to be normal.

But…it doesn’t feel right. It can’t.

Because, in this seemingly perfect world,

where you can feel cozy and routinely,

you’ll never experience a rush.

The boredom will overtake you,

the simplicity will have its way,

and everything will change at once.

Cravings for the wind against your face!

The sky at your back and the ground coming closer and closer!

Only to be caught in the air with the whoosh of a parachute.

All your worries are gone then, but as soon as you’re grounded,

they all come shoving back.

They’re there, just hidden…

…as long as you can find distractions,

and keep them in the dark.

By Fabio

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