Dreams! Random Thoughts of Mine…

Something I’ve been wondering about is dreams. Where do they come from? If they’re our subconcscious, when do we think them? Like if you dream about kissing someone you’re supposed to fall in love with them or stupid stuff like that? Maybe it’s just a rumor. How can you know to try your luck or not?

People do it every day though! “Oh, I had a dream I was hit by a bus! Better not go outside for the rest of my life!”

That’s taking it to the extreme.

If you dream you’re going to win a million dollars and then enter the lottery for the rest of your life every day, you’ve got a decent chance. Mostly because you’ve given yourself so many opportunities! Dreams aren’t real. That’s the point, I guess. No matter what you dream, there’s no guarantee it’s going to happen. I dreamed my two best friends were giant birds and I was the mother! That’s definitely not going to happen.

I guess it must be nice to fantasize. Like if someone dreams of meeting all their favorite band members in one night? That’d be awesome! Eventually you do have to wake up. That has to be the worse part about dreaming.

Maybe some people can’t face reality. Maybe they have to believe in their dreams to have something worth getting up for.

I wonder what most people dream of. Is it normal stuff like going to the mall? Or is it wild stuff like mine about flying around on a pterodactyl and shooting lasers out of its butt? Who knows. I wish it were possible for people to share dreams at the same time and interact. That’s what I’m praying is invented some day.



By Fabio

14 comments on “Dreams! Random Thoughts of Mine…

  1. Sharing dream’s would be cool!

    I’ve had a few dreams that came true (and I didn’t go out looking for them to happen or anything), but then I’ve also had the crazy, out-there dreams.

    • :3 I was so certain you’d comment. It makes my day! 😀
      Actual related comment:
      I have too! Like in first grade, I dreamed of this clown with giant rainbow shoes coming to school…and then it happened. I was afraid of clowns. 😛

      • Oh my gosh. That is hilarious.

        I dreamt that I would make a certain amour of money at a job of mine, and I thought “Nah, not gonna happen.” Came time to get paid-exact amount.

      • That’s kind of creepy scary. O-O And I just discovered I can reply and blog from my mom’s phone! Yay! Now if we go on a trip I’ll be able to post without my laptop!

      • If I went to Safari and did it, I couldn’t insert pictures and it screwed up every time I tried to scroll down. 😛 So the app seemed like the only solution and luckily it was free!

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