Really? REALLY?!

This afternoon I was called down to the office with about thirty other kids. They sent us all because we had gone to the pep rally last Friday instead of being in detention (in the gym) like we were supposed to. I hadn’t even heard my name called! The only reason you were sent to detention anyways was if you didn’t turn in your textbooks, had AC (alternative classrooms), or had library fines. I didn’t have anything wrong!

I tried to explain to Ms. Martin, the assistant principal, but she didn’t want to listen. I got as far as:

  • “I couldn’t hear in the gym becau-“
  • “I didn’t have AC, or fines or-“
  • My textbooks are all tur-“

Ms. Harold, the counselor or something, said yes, I had turned in my books, but my science one was on the day of instead of early like I had been supposed to. So now I can’t go to the student-faculty basketball games on this Friday.

All I could say to Ms. Martin and Ms. Harold was:



By Fabio

13 comments on “Really? REALLY?!

    • We get out on the 31st of May. I’m very excited! I’m also worrying about how much time I’ll have for blogging and stuff though since I’ll be spending a lot of time with Trystan and Casey…

      • Youre so lucky! I don’t get out until June 14th, I think. Out last week of school is Finals Week (fun). And don’t worry about the blogging thing, as long as you don’t disappear we’ll still be here ^_^

      • Last year, I was sick on the LAST DAY OF SCHOOL. I had two major finals-ballroom and math. I had to sit my ballroom final out. I was so sad D’:

  1. Awww! Poor Cleo!

    And seriously? Last day of school? Sometimes I wonder if we’re, like, mind-linked or something. WE WERE MEANT TO MEET ONLINE AND BECOME FRIENDS.

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