Little Cleo and Chrillcot (Epi. 1: Leo and Lenny)

Once upon a time, Little Cleo dreamed her stuffed animals came to life. This is the one episode of their super weird adventures.

Chrillcot= my bedroom

Chrillcot Provinces= our gameroom

Toclirk= Randy’s room

Enormohuge Mountain= staircase

Country Pool= Cleo’s sink with the drain plugged and it filled with water

Apartment building: My bookshelf and nightstand


President Cleo was the ruler of Chrillcot. She was the wisest, strongest, and fairest of all the land. Her loyal Vice President, Rosalie (of Build-A-Bear species) was a bit daft, but they got by. President Cleo had three sons: Leo and Lenny, the twin, dark brown lion cubs, and their older brother Simba, the tan, wannabe mane owner.

Lenny, being the older twin by about five minutes, was cooler and much more popular. Leo was shy, childish, and often made fun of. 

Lenny did his best to protect Leo, but he couldn’t always be there for him. Simba was often with his best friend, Otty the otter, and never had time for younger bros.

Lenny and Leo had bedrooms right next door to each other. They lived practically on their own in the Chrillcot Provinces. Simba preferred to live in actual Chrillcot, only a few feet from his mother. Since the twins were almost without parents, they got into plenty of trouble and mishaps.

This is one of those times.

Lenny and Leo both had very pretty girlfriends. Leo dated Blue Eyes, an Alaskan husky pup. Lenny dated ChiChi, a small, pink sweater wearing chihuahua. Many, many times they performed stupid stunts to impress them, like boys will do.

Lenny and Leo happened to have a friend named Buddy, the black lab. He ran a wagon business and offered to let his friends and their dates have a free, romantic ride. 

That night, they said goodbye to President Cleo and promised to be home by ten o’ clock. They rode with Buddy to ChiChi and Blue Eyes’ house quickly. ChiChi and Blue Eyes hugged their boyfriends and jumped in the wagon. “Where are we off to, Leo?” Blue Eyes asked.

Lenny answered, “Don’t worry! It’s something we’ll all enjoy!” Man, was he clueless. Buddy pulled them all to the top of Enormohuge Mountain, one of the many thrilling things to do near Chrillcot. “Ready?” Leo wondered.

Blue Eyes and ChiChi looked at him curiously. Buddy suddenly sprung from the reins and brought out a seat belt. “Please keep your hands and feet in the vehicle at all times. Do not try to leap from the cart or take your head and vomit out the side. Go!”

With a mighty shove, Buddy sent the four flying down Enormohuge Mountain. They bounced down the first few steps, but after that they tumbled to the bottom like a log. 

Leo and Lenny frantically shook their girlfriends, hoping to god they’d be alive.

“ChiChi?! Blue Eyes?!” they shrieked. Each groaned and attempted to sit up. The seat belt was restricting everyone. Buddy hurriedly trampled to them and unfastened the group. Lenny and Leo rushed to apologize, but ChiChi and Blue Eyes burst out laughing. “That was one of the most fun things I’ve ever done!” Blue Eyes exclaimed.

“Can we go again?” ChiChi proposed. The boys agreed at once. How did such a dangerous and stupid idea result in gratitude? They were both left wondering, but they were too fortunate to care. Finally, after dropping the girls off at twelve thirty AM, Leo and Lenny arrived home.

President Cleo was waiting for them, reading her magazines. Setting down an issue of The Chrillcotian Report, she glowered at her sons.

As a result of their disobedience, Lenny and Leo were banned from dating for three whole hours.

Simba, who’d been patiently waiting to take Buddy and the wagon out with Nala, was furious! He and Nala hardly ever spent time together since Otty always made plans with him. Simba made his own punishment: Leo and Lenny could no longer enter Simba’s room and use his flat screen television. Lenny was very disappointed, since it would mean he’d miss Power Rangers. Leo was equally upset, because he’d lose the Princess Show. 

Thus ended Leo and Lenny’s short but meaningful date night.




By Fabio

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