Darn You, Fitness.

Here’s the afternoon shorty! I know it came just after the one that was supposed to be this morning, but I have to update twice a day! It’s important!

Another girl happens to aggravate me in gym. Her name is Dulcy. Dulcy M. Dulcy M. is supposedly the teacher, Ms. M’s daughter. We’re not certain but they look alike, have the same last name, and are about the same weight.

Dulcy starts to yell at me in gym because I was talking to Chelsea and Jezzie. Oh no, I’m not paying attention to you! Better phone the police!

She interpreted police as Coach P. Coach P brushed her off too, so Dulcy got even more in my face. Then the main girl who started the rumor that I’m a lesbian , Malasia (I call her Malaria in my head), came over and started adding to the fire. I was so close to telling them to bug off. I try to keep my mouth shut when people do things like that to me. Sometimes ignoring them makes it ok because they’re smart enough to realize I’m not listening.

I don’t think Dulcy and Malaria (did that on purpose ) have big enough brains to recognize this.

They both got louder when I ignored them. Oh well. Guess I’ll just have to brush them off some other way.

Sorry the shorty turned out to be a bit long! I guess it was more of a RAGE POST.



By Fabio

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