Little Cleo: Episode 1

As a child, Little Cleo was signed up for ballet. She was not fond of the “sport”, but tried not to complain.

In her ballet class, they weren’t even doing real ballet. They were going to perform a play. A play with dancing in it. The play was Peter Pan, and all Big Cleo remembers of it was that the alligator rolled across the stage belly-first on a skateboard. 

The thing Little Cleo hated the most about ballet was the hair. It had to be done up in a bun or a pony tail or pressed against your skull. To keep it that way, Past Mommy had to use the dreaded…bobby pins

Every time her hair had to be secured in place, Little Cleo had bobby pins pressed into her scalp and hair brushed with a chainsaw. She loathed the bobby pins. They were her worst enemy. The one she hated secondly was the hairbrush.

The skinny purple brush with soft black bristles. It yanked out every rat’s nest, knot, tangle, weed, and curl on Little Cleo’s head. The brush came out every day, so to Little Cleo they had frequent battles in a lesser war. Little Cleo tended to take cover behind the couch, under the table, or locked in the bathroom. It usually worked, but Past Mommy didn’t like standing around and waiting, so Little Cleo went out for her sake. 

In another dimension, Little Cleo took horseback riding lessons. She didn’t have to use icky bobby pins. Little Cleo could brush her hair whenever she wanted (which equals: never). Past Mommy didn’t mind waiting. Little Cleo also got to ride on her belly on a skateboard! 

And finally… Little Cleo got to stay up as late as she wanted! She never really was tired. She only fell asleep from boredom thanks to Jenny (her childhood best friend Karly’s mom), who would tuck her in bed and leave her for over an hour. It was so…annoying.

Another thing Little Cleo didn’t like was broccoli. Yes, yes typical kid hates vegetables. Little Cleo wanted all broccoli to be ground up in piles of dirt and fed to pigs and horses.


It was just a way to a better life. That, and Little Cleo secretly didn’t believe that broccoli was actually meant for eating.

The last thing Little Cleo really hated was Mindy. Darn that little Mindy.

Mindy was Karly’s other friend. She lived in a nice fancy house with a big pool and everything. Pretty much everything. Mindy was, I dunno, I guess jealous? She always wanted Karly all to herself. Karly was quiet about it but she knew what Mindy was doing.

Little Cleo was seriously annoyed and hurt by stinking Mindy. The most memorable example:

Mindy had brought out three baby dolls to play with. Two were pink and one was purple. Mindy took the pink ones, gave on to Karly, and tossed the purple to Little Cleo. With a smug face, Mindy said to Karly, “Look Karly! We both got pink ones! Ha, Cleo had to have the purple one! She’s not as cool!”

Not. Funny.

Anyways, Little Cleo’s stories will come again later! Sorreh this post was late, but I woke up at almost 7:50, five minutes before I had to go. In my rush, I totally forgot to click publish. Sorreh again!



By Fabio

17 comments on “Little Cleo: Episode 1

    • Same here!! I actually just did shiver at the mention of them. owo I never had any coordination to begin with. XD I think I was originally cast as Tinker Bell or Wendy but then they made me a pirate…

  1. I never took ballet or horseback riding and I like broccoli… 0__0. However, I did (and still kind of do) hate brushing my hair!

  2. I took ballet when I was little too! (Believe it or not Doodledog, I did not manage to accidentally kill or maime myself) I hated it (no surprise there.) All we did was sit on the floor and listen to the little mermaid and put our legs together and pretend to be mermaids. Or we sat on the floor listening to A Whole New World and pretending to fly on a magic carpet, with sound effects and everything. I think it’s just a thing all awesome people like us must endure as impressionable young podlings to make us the great people we shall someday become… Although unlike you juicy mini-tree haters, I lurve broccoli. XD

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