Student-Faculty Games

So as I said before, I didn’t get to go to the Student-Facult games. It was actually for the better. As I heard, the games were REALLY boring. That means I got to hang out and be a complete retard with Casey-buddy for an hour and ten minutes! This is what we did:

  • Drew
  • Drew on my pants
  • Drew on Casey’s pants
  • Drew on paper
  • Wrote stories and gave them to each other to correct
  • Had conversations as some of our favorite characters
  • Asked our friend Evan how many minutes we had left to have fun!
  • Wished Trystan were there
  • Talked about what we would do if Vergil and Nero were real
  • Were our fan characters for Vergil and Nero, Rika and Violet (I’m Violet and Rika’s Casey! Oh and I love Nero and Casey loves Vergil)
  • Threw pens at each other
  • Annoyed Evan
  • Casey helped with Violet and Nero’s story a bit.
  • Annoyed Evan some more
  • Annoyed our other random friend named Jonathan.
  • Left for class…

That about sums up my day.



By Fabio

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