I love the stuff! I’d be so happy if it rained every day forever. The grass and plants of course, would not. They’d be drowning! I don’t want to kill them but…I need a master controller! I want to control the weather, like, badly. 

It’d be so awesome! I could make it snow in Texas! Rain in the summer! Get rid of humidity! Oh god, the humidity! It needs to leave. NOW.

If I were a lady bug, I’d be in the rain all day no matter if I drowned or not. I could go swimming! I couldn’t fly then, but I’d enjoy the soft, wet dirt! As long as I had a mini lady bug umbrella with me I think I could do it.

If I were a cat then that would be another story. I’d hate the rain! I’d want to be inside instead of being sopping wet all day! Speaking of cats:  The “Oooooh!” cat from Puss and Boots!

He pops up EVERYWHERE! And I love him. 

Dogs would love rain! They go outside and lick up the giant puddles, splash around in them, and are generally adorable while doing it! Rain is almost for every animal.

Every animal- except cats.

Maybe I’d be a frog! I could go bouncing around! I could creep Randy out and land on his window! It’d be a lot of fun!

But maybe he’d get a baseball bat…and then there would be frog guts splattered around his room!

I dunno. I feel like doing something random today…like running around in the rain or making mud pies…

Or watching Bleach! Or watching the Devil May Cry anime! Oooh and anime night’s tonight! Every Saturday night on Adult Swim! 



By Fabio

9 comments on “Rain!

  1. We feel your pain, Cleo. I wish it would snow in California! I wish life had the same cheats as the sims (I’d be rich!)

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