I Hate Mondays

Mondays are the source of all evil. They’re the start of the week, the beacon telling you that your relax time is over. Mondays can go die in a hole. 

If only there was a way where Mondays and the starts of the week didn’t exist. It’d be a peaceful place. No one would be crabby and grumpy, no one would want to crawl back in a hole and hiss at the world, and I have a feeling everyone would be a lot less addicted to coffee.

Mondays kill everything.

At least my wristband that I ordered will come in…tomorrow. See, no one hates Tuesdays because Mondays are already gone! You know that you’ve gotta get back into your routine and you’re almost ready for it. Wednesday is hump day. It’s when you understand what’s going on and get how the world’s working.

Thursday’s just the filler day where you hope for Friday. When the last day finally does come, everyone parties and goes around acting insane. It’s the most popular day of the week for cops. ^-^

Some day, all the people in the world are going to get tired of Monday. When they do, they’ll come up with a brand new day just before. Once they do that, Flopperday will be the new Monday (assuming they name it one of my suggestions). The cycle will go on and on and on until we’re extinct and the radiation caused bunnies to become rulers of Earth.

Bunnies could do it, ya know. They’re cute and soft, but their biting hurts.  A LOT. Amber has a bunny named Scooter. He doesn’t bite; he humps everything in his path. They call it his special skill. 

Anyways, if your week gets better from Monday or goes downhill, I’d like to know! Mine goes straight to the bottom of the ocean. =-=





By Fabio

8 comments on “I Hate Mondays

  1. I actually hate Tuesdaus. On Mondays your body is a little more alert, and your kind of “Okay, this sucks, but I can do it.” On Tuesdays your body realizes you have to do this for a whole 3 more days and it’s exhausted. X( I hate Monday’s too though.

  2. I actually had this conversation with my friend the other day after reading an argument about this in an amazing Klaine fanfiction. So everyone hates Mondays, because of the reasons you just listed. It’s a group sport to hate on Mondays. Everyone does it, so people complain together and get through it. But Tuesdays are the same thing – they’re not Wednesday (the middle of the week when you’re like, “Okay, it’s half over, I can do this,”), they’re not Thursday (when you’re like, “Almost done!”) and, to quote the fanfic, “they’re sure as hell not Fridays.” Only they’re not Mondays, so nobody group-hates it as they do with Mondays.
    … I have strong feelings about things. =D

  3. Cleo, I posted on my simmy blog (the Prides one), but don’t get all excited because it’s not a simmy post, but you should read it (pwease!) because I have a poll.

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