Poem Sunday (Number 5)

I’m pretty sure I never posted it. Anyways…

Two, Not Three

The day I lost you was the day I gained her,
my best friend,
the one I always dreamed of,
you had certain qualities I treasured,
but she is my soul mate,
the one I’m destined to go into Death’s abyss with.
She cannot be controlled,
she is wild,
she is my other half,
the one I call my soul mate.
I have the strength
and she is the brain
but apart we cannot survive
you try to climb your way through my life
but you’ll never keep up
She’s the only one that can really make me go on,
the one I’m supposed to hold onto.
If I stay with you, my dreams will just be
She’s the only one who can truly join me as the other half
You’re not really anything but a distraction
a person to hide me from the ones who seek to kill
She understands my pain while you can only attempt to
conceive an idea of what I go through every hour of my existence
She’s my best friend
the only one I can trust with my darkest secrets
So just keep to yourself from now on,
so we can stay together without the noise of you trying to fit in,
attempting to join us,
while we are together and you are nothing.

By Fabio

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