Apparently…(RAGE POST #2)


Welcome to the second RAGE POST!!

This one should be a bit short because mostly it was just me being stubborn. But anyway, here’s the story…

We were in gym and splitting in two teams for Hawaiian Football. It was supposed to be the same sides we had last time which was a bit disappointing. Our previous game had been with Chelsea and Jezzie on one team and me on the other.

The whole thing started over jerseys. The “Ghetto” girls thought I was on Chelsea and Jezzie’s, when they were wrong. I told them politely, “No, I remember because my friends were on the other si-”

“Look, no one gives a s**t which team you were on and whatever you dumb b***h, so just get on the colored side. Get your stupid a** over there before yada yada yada insert many cuss words here!” Malaria (ha!) yelled.

I argued back and forth with her and her team of fake ghettos. They insisted I be on the other team no matter what. I wasn’t going to because the last time we did Coach P made everyone who traded sides run an extra lap (1 lap= 1 quarter of a mile).

I, having no athletic ability whatsoever, decided, “Huh! I don’t want to be pushed to another running limit! Lets do what Coach P wants!”

They told me Coach P wouldn’t care and other stuff along the lines and the whole time I was going like this in my head:

onto their faces. It would be so much fun!

Anywho, Chelsea was whispering how I should just ignore them, but I was sick of them. What a dumb thing to do. I started to actually speak with this alternate species.

Not a bright idea.

Their insults just kept coming no matter what. Eventually, I took a jersey because a nicer girl named Terra offered it to me. She was pretty nice, but assumed I wasn’t standing up for myself and that was why they picked on me. I frankly didn’t give two craps worth.



By Fabio

12 comments on “Apparently…(RAGE POST #2)

  1. Ughhhhhhhh! Those people don’t deserve to even speak to you. They are so beneath you, you can’t even see them. They’re smaller than ants, that’s how small they are compared to you. Which is nice, because it makes it nice and easy to squash them. SQUASH SQUASH SQUASH. Or slapping works well, too.

  2. OGDON SMASH!!! is what I though of when I read this post. Mr. Ogden is our scary/awesome teacher who yelled this out. PS the little gig at the bottem is very voilent. I just stared at it for a full five minutes in wonder. Good job, and good luck with those cakesniffers!

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