The Locker Room Slander

Everything seems to be happening in gym lately. 

This is going to be an especially short afternoon one (since I have an interestingly long history review) but I was kind of proud of myself. 

So, we were changing after running the mile like we do every other week (REMINDER TO SELF: please shower soon). I could hear the “Ghetto” girls and the others up in the front. Chelsea and Jezzie were already gone. They were talking about how ugly Malaria was, joking as friends, when this blonde chick named Amber Lee (not my friend) says, “If you really wanna see someone ugly go look at Casey >insert last name<! The local she-he!”

A couple girls laughed and talked about something else, but of course I was enraged. 

I made myself look calm and walked over to her. I said, “Um, hey, I can hear you all the way in the back and you’re talking about my friend. I don’t like it so could you stop?”

I was really expecting her and her “Ghetto” girls to get in my face, but all she said was, “Cool.”

Did she respect me or something? I dunno, but I was really happy!



By Fabio

4 comments on “The Locker Room Slander

    • I’d say so. She seems alright…but when the jersey fiasco happened she took the “Ghetto” side of course. I didn’t expect anything else from her. ^-^

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