Hey all! Tonight you’re getting another short one. Sorry!

See, tonight Casey and I played Wizard101 while on the phone. Well, until her phone locked at 9:30. My mom’s not going to need to set regulations for me because both Casey AND Trystan have limits themselves. Let me show you the screenshots from tonight and then it’s off to bed (or my favorite art gallery websites) for me!

Thanks and sayonara!


“Wait! Stop moving! Let’s take an epic picture together!”


“Together with Lord Cookie.” =-=

“That’s better.”

“Umm…Casey? You and Lord Cookie do know that’s a wall, right?”

“Yeah…now I do.”

“Ice beetle powers, GO!”

“Cleo…don’t be lame.”

“Fine. Ice beetle awesome powers, GO!”


“Ha! That storm serpent just knocked the crap outta ya!”

“It did more damage to you!”

“Nuh-uh. I’m a higher level.”

“…shut up, Casey.”


“Holy crap! Gold!”

“Cleo, you know we can’t actually pick it up…right?”

“Uh…yeah. That was Lord Cookie.”

“Lord Cookie doesn’t talk. And when he does, he has an ultra manly voice! You don’t.”

“Thanks I guess?”

By Fabio

4 comments on “Wizard101

    • Lord Cookie was Casey’s pet wolf. It’s the little blue and black guy. I couldn’t get him in many pictures, but if you look really closely you’ll spot him.

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