(Ep. 1) What Would Happen If…

  1. Cars had ladders coming out of them that led to rooms on top?
I imagined this when I was on a road trip with my family to visit our family in Wyoming. There’d be a ladder where the sun roof was. I’d be able to climb out of it and into a giant white box. On the outside this box would look like an ordinary, boring, packing box. 
This was my favorite fantasy/dream to have while we were driving. I would get so annoyed by Randy, bugged by Dad arguing over directions with Mom, and car sick while eating Pringles, that it was a great solution.
The room changed every time too. First I think the walls were painted to look like a mural of giant pink mushrooms. (Pink was my favorite color then) I filled it with books, a drawing desk, and a GIANT comfy bed. In that comfy bed were fuzzy pink pillows, a huge blue blanket that was super squishy, and a nice mattress that could fit five of me across going both ways.
I wished for it to be real so badly.  One night while we drove straight through, I fell asleep leaning on my seat belt. Let me explain that this is really uncomfortable for a really short, 8 year old Cleo who’s neck kept rubbing on the edge and leaving a mark.
In the dream, my dad let Mom drive and came up to see what I’d been doing. I sat there awkwardly, just nodding and saying, “Yup,” and , “Nope.”
Then Randy came up and jumped on my awesome bed (not like I hadn’t already done that, but the thing was, it was my bed. When you have a brother only two years younger than you, you tend to have to share everything all the time. I was sick of it by then. Ha! Imagine it now…anyway, I was really getting bugged by having to split everything with him. I wanted something to be only for me. This imaginary box world was. Then everything happened and…oh, better get back on track.).
Then Mom came up and we discovered she had set the car to drive by itself. Robbie scribbled on my awesome mushroom walls, Dad fell asleep in my bed, and Mom kept trying to read books with me. I couldn’t be rude and keep this great place to myself, so I just did what they asked. (Cue Pushover Cleo: still in progress)
I imagined a door.
The door led to the outside and I climbed out of it. I sat on the roof for a very long time, just listening to the sound of all the cars passing by. I eventually got out a sketch pad and sat up there doodling June-bugs and painting scenery.
When I woke up, I was so relieved. My imaginary secret box room was safe!
Anyway, what would you do if you had a secret box room popping out of your car?
I know I miss mine…
I haven’t had that day dream in months, but it came back one morning at the counter. 
It was only because everyone was talking to me and I’m not much of a morning person.  But oh well! All’s well that ends well!
If I had that box room in real life, it would be my personal anime and manga heaven. Not to mention! There’d be plenty of novels, drawing and art supplies, a comfy bed, purple walls, and lots and lots of Nero posters!  I think I just did this episode wrong…but oh well! I’ll figure it out as I make more.
By Fabio

8 comments on “(Ep. 1) What Would Happen If…

      • He’s my favorite pony. Even more than Fluttershy and Pinky Pie. I usually hate shipping, but I “shipped” Big Mac/Fluttershy before I even knew what shipping was and that there was a cult following of Fluttermac fans. Wow. Fluttermac came up on autocorrect. Seriously? This is what the world has come to, phone?! Words like ‘Voldemort’ and ‘Gryffindor’ are wrong but ‘Fluttermac’ comes up even though I’ve never texted it before?!?! AVADA KADAVRA!!! Sorry, rant…

  1. An awesome room on top of the car?! Sign me up! I have to share the car with three younger siblings, which was not fun when we drove for five hours to Santa Cruz!

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