We have ’em. They’re only sugar ants, but still. I despise them. not because they scare me or I’ll scream like an elephant who saw a mouse, but because they’re annoying. They’re so small, you never know where they are. They could be in the pants you put on, or the brush you use! They might even be in your shirt right now. 

When I was little and had no friends (yes, I was quite the loner and people didn’t like me) I built little wood chip houses on the black beams around the playground.

I took lone large wood chip and put it in the middle until I got it to stand up. I then got five or six medium sized ones and spent the rest of the time leaning them against the center one. It took a while because they often fell over or wouldn’t stand together in the first place.

I remember in second grade, a friendly teacher came up and sat next to me. I didn’t even realize that I was alone then. I just knew people wouldn’t answer me when I was nice to them.

Anyway, the teacher.

She asked, “Hey! How ya doin’?” I just said, “…fine.” and turned back to my wood chip house. An ant was about to crawl inside! I didn’t have time for this lady.

She sat there quietly watching me. I tried to hold as still as possible and hoped she’d be like a T-Rex: they only react to movement, or so the rumor goes.

She kept saying a bunch of “friendly” stuff and I tried my best to make her go away. At one point I even turned my back to her. She didn’t leave, not even then! Grr! 

Get away! I’m busy! My ant houses take time to design!

She only left when there was like one minute left to the end of recess. I was so frustrated. There went half an hour of ant house building time. Of course they were all destroyed when everyone came inside, but it was nice to imagine little ant families inside while I had the time and nothing to do.

The next day, I went to the very back of the playground. I knew the blonde (did I mention she was blonde? Well she was.) lady wouldn’t check here, so I sat and happily built house after house. GUESS WHAT? She found me. 

I stayed again, unhappy, irritated, and about to pee my pants (I found a bush later…I was too shy to ask to go to the bathroom). At last she left and I found said bush.

If only the woman could have given me my peace! I would have used the bush at the beginning of recess and not have bounced around the whole time! Jeez. Couldn’t she take a hint?

That was my history with ants. I hope they keep out of my room now. They should build wood chip time machines, travel to the past, and live in my old ant homes. They were very spacious and comfy.



By Fabio

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