I was late AGAIN! I’m very agitated by myself right now…


I saw the talent show today (during seventh and eighth periods)Casey, Jezzie, our favorite asian, Jace, and I got to sit together!

There were some really cool talents but the one that Casey and I were waiting for the most was Rob. Remember him? That’s Casey’s boyfriend. He did an AWESOME Legend of Zelda medley, but they wouldn’t let anyone record so I couldn’t get a video of him. 

Most of the talents were singing, rapping, jerking, or whatever they call hip-hop dancing (I can’t remember right now). *snore*

Then at the end…it started to get weird.

Coach M. and Coach S. had a dance battle with the seventh graders. Coach S. was dressed as a woman…in his white womanly shirt were two balls that were supposed to be boobs. Coach M. lifted Coach S. in the air, and at that moment the boobs were all smooshed against his face.

That was a sad moment for them. 

After that, all the teachers started dancing on the stage to rap. Or as Casey and I like to call it, “Crap-C-Removed”.

In the end though, it was pretty comical. We enjoyed ourselves…all except for this kid who scream/cheered through every minute of every performance. He gave Casey a headache and had me so mad I was about to turn and yell at him before the teacher took him away. I was fine with it for the first hour non-stop, but then in the last twenty minutes I was about to snap.

Sorry AGAIN for being late…stupid Cleo…never on time for anything…always late, late, for a very important date…



By Fabio

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