I played the Sims for a good three hours last night and took plenty of screenshots! Now the only thing left is to actually write the two posts by Sunday (The Tangerine Blogiversary) and make sure the pictures do tie in with the story. I basically write the story out of my head, so sometimes it can be a bit difficult. At least it’s coming! I know it! I will NOT be late this time! NO! Not again! 

Anyway…so my aunt and uncle are coming tomorrow! I’m excited! I haven’t seem them since I was like eight. I’m also very excited because they’re bringing their puppies!! 

Now then, on ANOTHER note, I’ve been working on my fursona. It hasn’t been coming out too great. The thing is, I’m trying to use a Canadian Lynx as my animal. It has these weird fur-beard thingies on the edges of its jaw and that makes it hard for me to place the neck and shoulders. That’s really it, other than I can’t figure out what to name her or make her wear.

I also need to finish all of Trystan’s things she lent me:

  • Trigun 1
  • Trigun 2
  • Devil May Cry novel 1
  • DMC novel 2
  • DMC novel 3
  • DMC novel 4
  • DMC anime disk

That is a LOT to finish. I will do it though! I promised to have it done by Monday and that’s what will happen! 

No matter…how late…I have to….to stay….awake… 

Nah, i’m just kidding! I’m not staying awake until I finish them. That’d be a stewpid move.



By Fabio

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