Poem Sunday (Number 6!)

I’m almost certain I haven’t published this one before, so here it is.

By the way, I’m not suicidal!! This is for school because we had to make a poem about the worst thing we could think of.



Sitting Still

Why am I made of lead?

How did I become this way


left out

I can hear the crying

feel the screams

see the pain

but I am frozen

my body can’t take a step

raise an arm

inch a leg forward

the people I care for

are bleeding


and becoming destroyed

Why do I not reach a hand out

to them

or try to grab my loved ones

from the depths of the devouring abyss?

Because my bones are made of metal

my skin is created from wood

and my heart is as black

as the endless darkness waiting

below to grab me.

My friends, family, sisters,

all of them;

they have been silently

picked off

one by one

and none of them prevail

but me.

Why keep me here, lords of hatred, creatures of destiny?

I cannot survive when I know

I could have stopped this treachery

I could have let them live.

I despise myself.

This is why the knife comes down.

This is why the blade slits my throat.

This is why the cold hands

of death have grabbed me now on my own accord.

But somehow,

I am still here

in the window of my prison,

staring out the frosted window,

cowering in fear,

as I watch from this glass jail

my beloved ones

be disposed of.

By Fabio

9 comments on “Poem Sunday (Number 6!)

  1. That was really good, but also really freaky. My favorite lines were, “I cannot survive when I know/I could have stopped this treachery/I could have let them live.”
    I love the repetition of the “I cannot/I could have/I could have.” And that’s probably what I would have done if it was “the worst thing you can think of” assignment. ^_^

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